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Vacuum presses: The economical solution to 3D laminating

There are many different options out there when looking for a machine to laminate 3-dimensional products. At Black Bros. Co., one of our most popular 3D laminating machines is our vacuum press, the Black Bros. ThermoFormer (TF). Customers choose our vacuum press because of its economical pricing and flexible productivity, making our vacuum press the… Read More >

Black Bros. machine"> Woodworking Network features article on new Black Bros. machine

A Multiple Roll Rotary Pneumatic Press (MR-RPP), the latest addition to the line of quality machinery produced by Black Bros. Co., was featured recently in an article on the Woodworking Network website. Designed with the Engineered Wood Flooring industry in mind, the press is the culmination of a collaborative effort between Black Bros., adhesive manufacturers… Read More >

How the Industrial Laminating Machine Helps Your Business

The industrial laminating machine is at the heart of any paneling system. It’s the final stage that creates a new composite, and can give your paneling line the steady workflow that allows you to create more, faster and get new business. While there are different companies that supply laminating equipment, only Black Bros. has over… Read More >

Black Bros. Co. Presents Latest Innovations in Panel Express Laminating System"> Black Bros. Co. Presents Latest Innovations in Panel Express Laminating System

The Black Bros. Panel Express Heat-Assisted Rotary Laminator is designed to laminate all types of HPL, decorative plastics and other sheet products to plywood, particleboard, or MDF. When used in conjunction with “fast tack” (high solids) PVA adhesives, the Panel Express Laminating System allows you to move from laminating into production without the need for… Read More >

Black Bros. Co. Testing New Panel Cleaner"> Black Bros. Co. Testing New Panel Cleaner

Black Bros. Co. has begun extensive testing of a new Prototype Panel Cleaner, the PC-495 Panel Cleaner. This new design was built to handle a wider range of components, and to provide greater cleaning power, due to the newly designed hood/vent system, and a new standard of brushes. Here at Black Bros. Co., we believe in making… Read More >

Manufacturing Is Alive and Kicking

Manufacturing Isn’t Dead Manufacturing is alive in the western world.