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Membrane Press Membranes

Model # - MS2

Serial # - N/A

Condition -

Categories - Parts & Miscellaneous

Pricing - 2 Widths Offered - Call for Pricing


High Quality Silicone Membranes available for membrane presses (thermofoil – 3D laminating), new and
in-stock. The specifications are as follows:

– 3 mm silicone (one side smooth / one side satin)
– Shore hardness (durometer) of 50 +/-
– Heat limit of 200 C (392 F)

Excellent for use with all 3D laminating components. Ask about our natural rubber membranes, and their use with high gloss laminates! ┬áThese silicone membranes are being used extensively in Europe and have received excellent recognition in North America. ┬áThese are Black Bros. OEM membranes for all of the 3D-SmartPresses, available “in-stock” with quick turn around! (cut to size – please have your dimensions available when you call).

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