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Black Bros. 3D-SmartPress

With Automated SmartPin Technology

Automatic Pin & Pedestal 3D Laminating System

Black Bros. is proud to announce our digitally controlled SmartPin™ Technology for the rapid changeover and placement of panels and the elimination of pedestals and riser boards. This truly automated process will slash labor costs 50% or more in membrane press / thermofoil production.The 3D-SmartPress With Automated SmartPin Technology is the most advanced thermolaminator in the 3D laminate press industry. The Black Bros. SmartPin system employs unique technology that maximizes productivity through simple pins. The SmartPin’s smaller circular pins allow greater flexibility for part layout, rapid pin setting, and quick cycle times, yielding maximum production each shift!

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3D-SmartPress With SmartPin Technology

Membrane Press Thermolaminator

  • SmartPin System with automatic reset
  • Digital optical scanner
  • Automatic tray circulation
  • Touch screen control panel
  • 1/2″ (12 mm) & optional 3/4″ (18 mm) pins
  • Plus all the features of the Black Bros.”3D-SmartPress”
  • SmartPin 3D laminate press specs

Understanding the SmartPin System

SmartPin™Technology uses sophisticated imaging software to determine the correct pin setting for each tray load. Within seconds, thousands of pins are reset, thus eliminating the time consuming placement of pedestals. The SmartPin™ system virtually eliminates the labor involved in the production, storage and retrieval of pedestals! This means a much cleaner working environment with comparable decreases in rejects , as well as significantly faster cycle times and greater throughput from each cycle. The smaller diameter round pins utilized in the SmartPin™ system means it can handle curved parts other systems can’t, and the individual pins can be deactivated manually or automatically through the control console.

SmartPin™ is extraordinarily reliable because it does not utilize complex cylinders or valves to actuate the 2800 pins arrayed across the tray. Instead the revolutionary design is extremely easy and low cost to maintain , which maximizes run time. Pin replacement can be accomplished in seconds and requires no special tools or skills! And there’s more…the SmartPin™ system does not require any specialized training or skills to operate. Existing production personnel will quickly learn how to use the system and loading times will improve almost immediately. In addition, all other variables such as glue, vinyl and material preparation remain the same ensuring a smooth transition.

Retrofit Your Press!

Can your existing press be retro-fitted with Black Bros. SmartPin™? Yes, it can, this is the beauty of the 3D-SmartPress platform. SmartPin™ was designed with retro-fit in mind, since all of the components for the automated system are external to the press. This means two things, 1) ease of upgrade, and 2) ease of maintenance.

If your company is interested in labor cost reduction with higher production rates, fewer rejects, and the elimination of pedestals and riser boards- all in an affordable, reliable and easy to use system, then SmartPin™ is the Smart choice!

SmartPin™…Smart profits through Smarter process.

Automated SmartPin Technology Features


Touchscreen Control Panel and Modem

Membrane Clamp to press with or without Membrane

Pneumatic and Electric Gauges NO Hydraulics

SmartPin System 2,880 SmartPins

SmartPin System Control Panel

Elevator Table for Switching Trays



SmartPin Advantages

Membrane Press Thermolaminator

  • Fully automated pin & pedestal system
  • Pins can be deactivated manually or automatically through the control panel
  • Pins are ROUND, allowing for greater precision in laminating
  • All of the system is external to the press, making for ease of maintenance