Black Bros. a Gold Sponsor for SelectSIPs Expo

Black Bros. Co. will be a Gold Sponsor for the 2023 SelectSIPs Expo and Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. on March 6-8. The family-owned manufacturing firm founded in 1882 has supplied quality laminating equipment to the structural insulated panel industry for decades.

Made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam insulation between two structural facings, such as oriented strand board (OSB), SIPs provide an extremely strong and energy-efficient building system. Black Bros. customizes single machines as well as integrated systems to see the entire process through. From applying a complete and consistent layer of adhesive simultaneously to both sides of foam, to pressing the perfectly flat panel every time, Black Bros. has the heavy-duty equipment needed as well as the easiest and most effective options for transferring and handling various-sized stacks.

Black Bros. Director of New Markets and Emerging Technology Bill Masear will give a 10-minute presentation for fellow attendees in addition to hosting a table-top display. “It’s a fun event, and one where you’re up close and personal with many of the key players in the industry,” he said. “I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and building new relationships, too… and showing them the unparalleled benefits of doing business with Black Bros.”

Also slated for the event are further networking opportunities, including a preliminary 18-hole golf tournament and welcome reception. The three days conclude with meetings of separate committees and the Board of Directors.

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