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Black Bros. Co. acquires Almex 3-D Press Product Line from Shaw-Almex of Burlington, Ontario Canada

Black Bros. Co. of Mendota, Illinois has agreed to purchase the 3-D Press Division from Shaw-Almex Industries of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Black Bros. Co. has purchased the rights to sell and manufacture the Thermo Vacuum and Thermo Laminating Line of Presses for the Wood Products Industry and other specific industries. These Presses laminate various films, foils, flexible plastics and veneers to 3 dimensional products, such as cabinet doors, store fixtures, tables, and office furniture. There are 3 basic Press technologies – ThermoFormer, ThermoLaminator™ Membrane Press, and Smart Pin ThermoLaminator™ Membrane Press.

Tim Shaw, CEO of Shaw-Almex explains: “There is a tremendous similarity in our two companies (both in philosophy and customer service). We feel confident that Black Bros. will continue the traditions and level of quality that our customers expected from Almex.”

Matt Carroll, CEO of Black Bros. states, “Black Bros. Co. will maintain and continue quality and technology that Shaw-Almex has been known for worldwide for the past 50 years”. “We at Black Bros. are excited about this new product line, and the growth and value it will bring to our company and our customers worldwide.” Key individuals of Shaw-Almex will make the transition of technology between the two companies seamless. Past, current, and future customers for the Almex/Black Press Line can expect the same exceptional quality, service, and expertise to continue with Black Bros. Co.