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Black Bros. adds ‘Industries’ website section to further help customers

Black Bros. Co. is pleased to unveil a new section of our website that will help customers easily identify which of our machines or systems will benefit them toward their solution.

The new Industries section features our most popular markets and segments them into sub-industries, allowing customers to see which exact Black Bros. machines and systems would best fit their unique needs.

Black Bros. Co. originally started in the Wood industry and has nearly a century of experience designing, testing and building quality, durable machinery for wood manufacturers. During the 1950s and 1960s, Black Bros. began to delve into other industries such as foams, plastics and metals — to name just a few.

Today, we are confident are world-renowned laminating and roll coating machinery can deliver you a unique solution to your unique needs and market. Visit our new website page here to see what kind of Black Bros. equipment can best serve you.