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Black Bros. Associate featured in Cue Career Interview

A member of the Black Bros. Co. team was featured recently in a video interview for Cue Career, a digital organization for young, developing talent. Cue Career aggregates the resources of industry associations for career exploration/navigation and workforce development. Students can learn about specific industries and associations and the bountiful opportunities they offer.

The Wood Machinery Manufacturer’s of American (WMMA), of which Black Bros. Co. has been a member for decades, partners with Cue Career to conduct video interviews with employees of WMMA association members who are early in their careers. They also utilize Cue Career to allow students better access to access workforce development opportunities such as internships, apprenticeships, mentorships, micro-credentials, and badges offered by associations, including the WMMA.

In his video interview with Cue Career, Evan Wixom, a Black Bros. employee who has been with the company since May 2017, offered his insights into his first 18 months with the company and his early involvement with WMMA.

Evan leads Black Bros. Co.’s marketing efforts and is also in charge of manual creation for its machinery. Evan’s early involvement with the WMMA has been attending the 2018 Wood Industry Conference last April and the 2018 Regional Networking Meeting this October. He is a member of the WMMA Next Gen Executive Committee and the Membership Development Committee.

You can watch Evan’s full interview here.