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Black Bros. Co. to display at IWF 2018

Come visit Black Bros. Co. at Booth #5412

Just as we have for decades, Black Bros. Co. will once again be exhibiting at the International Woodworking Fair next month in Atlanta. IWF is the largest Woodworking Show in North America, and Black Bros. Co. has participated every year since IWF’s inception. For 2018, Black Bros. will once again have some of our world-famous roll coating and laminating machinery on display, including live demonstrations of laminating line using PVA adhesive and Rapha RDW Turnover Device.


The centerpiece of our laminating line is our Panel Express, a heat-assisted rotary laminator that utilizes three sets of pinch rollers and four banks of IR heaters to laminate a bond that’s strong enough for the panel to be saw cut and/or routed within 30 minutes of pressing.

Before it gets to the Panel Express, our laminating line will begin with the Black Bros. 495-Panel Cleaner. Our Panel Cleaner accurately and consistently cleans the panel before being sent through a glue spreader, cutting down on time and waste, saving you money.

After the Panel Cleaner, our line will include the Black Bros. 775 Adhesive Spreader. The 775 is durably-built and provides a compact, reliable and economical approach to adhesive spreading or roll coating for standard size materials. The 775 we will be displaying at IWF also includes Automatic Clean-Up and Automatic-Elevator features, which can further enhance and simplify your operation.

Between the 775 and Panel Express will be the Black Bros. Laminate Indexing Station, which makes easy work out of gluing laminate to bigger, heavier substrate. The LIS eliminates the need for messy layup and places laminate in the same spot every time, giving you more accurate and consistent results.

In addition to our laminating line, Black Bros. will also hold live demonstrations of a machine from our 3D line of material handling equipment: the Rapha RDW Turnover Device. The RDW helps automate a 3D pressing line by flipping parts into the correct position for easy trimming.

Black Bros. Co. booth at IWF 2016


The International Woodworking Fair is held at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, USA and runs Wednesday, Aug. 22 through Saturday, Aug. 25. Stop by the Black Bros. Booth at booth #5412 and see how Black Bros. can help you with your woodworking needs.