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Black Bros. Leaves for AWFS 2013

Black Bros. is leaving soon for Las Vegas, NV, to attend the 2013
Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) Show

Visit them at their booth #7944 to see the following machinery:

1) “NEW” PC-495 Panel Cleaner / The PC-495 Panel Cleaner, was built to manage a wider range of components, and to provide greater cleaning power, due to the newly designed hood/vent system, and a new standard of brushes.
2) 775-AS Adhesive Spreader / The Model 775 Adhesive Spreader – Roll Coater, was built to provide an economical platform for manufacturers who desired a simpler machine that would still hold up to the rigors of production.
3) TF2-4-8 ThermoFormer / The TF series of vacuum presses is built to handle a wide range of 3D laminated components. The 2 inch deep tray (50.8 mm) can accommodate thicker parts, allowing for taller riser boards to keep thick stock up off the bed. Outfitted with a programmable PLC, the menu is easy to navigate, and affords ample storage for multiple recipes.
4) RBM-1500 Rotary Brushing Machine / The RBM-1500, four head rotary brushing machine, is made for removing adhesive overspray from the back side of 3D laminated components. It is built to handle medium to high volume 3D laminating operations where reduced labor, and increased throughput, is required.

Demonstrations will be offered on three of the four machines (excluding the 775 Adhesive Spreader). Stop by and see how these products can save labor, and increase throughput in your manufacturing processes. Black Bros. looks forward to seeing you at their booth! Have a great time at AWFS in Las Vegas, and remember, what happens at AWFS gets shared on Facebook!