Black Bros. returning to EPS Expo

MENDOTA, IL — Black Bros. Co. will again be an exhibitor at the annual EPS Expo being held in Orlando, FL beginning next Monday, March 4. The dynamic three-day event will provide exposure to nearly 300 influential expanded polystyrene manufactures and feature insights from some of the industry’s top experts, according to its website. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel will play host.

During breaks in the action attendees should be sure to seek out Black Bros. Sales Associate Jeff Fisher, who will be present to discuss the advantages of using the venerable manufacturer’s premier roll coating and laminating solutions.  

“I’m excited to get down to Orlando and learn a little more about our customers there and gain some industry insight,” said Fisher. “And, of course, share what Black Bros. equipment can bring to the table to increase production output.”  

Black Bros. has designed, built and serviced laminating equipment for the EPS industry for many years. Black Bros. roll coaters and laminators are used to apply a broad range of coatings and films to flexible polystyrene, foam, insulation, structural insulated panels, roofing applications and exterior sheathing.  


Benefits of using Black Bros. equipment:

  • Accuracy: You can expect consistent reliable coverage from a Black Bros. Roll Coater and Film-to-Foam Laminator. Precision machined rollers, high-quality bearings and gearboxes to provide an extremely-accurate coating and laminating process.
  • Efficiency: Roll coaters offer nearly 100% efficient transfer of coating to substrate. Rotary laminators capable of having film/papers top and bottom at high speeds.
  • ROI: Black Bros. machines are legendary for their long reliable field life thanks to quality parts and craftsmanship. Built by experienced assemblers, each robust machine is designed for 24/7 operation and carries over 140 years of knowledge and experience.
  • Simplicity: Black Bros. machines are designed to require minimal operator interface or adjustments. Daily service required can be performed with ease by line operators with only minimal training.


Demand Black Bros. quality and experience in your next EPS laminating project.

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