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Black Bros. Co. Testing New Panel Cleaner

Black Bros. Co. has begun extensive testing of a new Prototype Panel Cleaner, the PC-495 Panel Cleaner. This new design was built to handle a wider range of components, and to provide greater cleaning power, due to the newly designed hood/vent system, and a new standard of brushes.

Here at Black Bros. Co., we believe in making machines and systems that can substantially increase productivity and output for our customers. To do so effectively, we feel that real world testing is key, which is why the prototype panel cleaner has been sent out to real-world job sites. By sending the PC-495 prototype out to actual job sites, we are better able to make the necessary adjustments to the final product.

Much like a truck being fitted for different tires based on its use, the Black Bros. Co. Prototype Panel Cleaner can be modified for different scenarios. Currently, there are 2 different configurations of the Prototype Panel Cleaner, a Flat Laminating and a 3D Laminating configuration.

Stay tuned to hear more about our progress with our Prototype PC-495 Panel Cleaner and other products!