BlackBros Co. at IWF 2014

IWF2014 Logo_datesThe International Woodworking Fair is the largest North American Woodworking Show and is just around the corner. Black Bros. Co. is planning on attending once again. For decades Black Bros. has been exhibiting at IWF, showing the latest in laminating and roll coating equipment. This year they will be showing the latest from their line of flat and 3D laminating machinery. The machines are as follows:

The 22D-875 Classic Roll Coater – a vintage machine build for more than 50 years. Built with features to make your work easier. Demonstrations will be given on demand.

A newly designed PC-495 Panel Cleaner – the new twist is the development of a machine that caters to the 3D market specifically in this unique model, the PC-3D.

Our TF4-4-8 ThermoFormer will be on display, with demonstrations on 3D laminating.

Delivering the vinyl to the TF is a rotary carousel C-1228, provided by Rapha Products.

Finally, the RBM-1500 will be on display, showing how to clean the back side of 3D components, also brought to you by Rapha Products.

The show will run from Wednesday, August 20th, through Saturday the 23rd. Stop by booth 5412 and see how Black Bros. can help you with your laminating needs!

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