What is the Difference Between a Roll Coater and an Adhesive Spreader?

Roll coaters and adhesive spreaders (also called glue spreaders) are very similar, but there are some unique differences.  Typically, adhesive spreaders will be used to bond two materials together and the applied adhesive will not be visible in the final product.   With a roll coater the coating typically will be visible in the final product… Read More >

Vacuum presses: The economical solution to 3D laminating

There are many different options out there when looking for a machine to laminate 3-dimensional products. At Black Bros. Co., one of our most popular 3D laminating machines is our vacuum press, the Black Bros. ThermoFormer (TF). Customers choose our vacuum press because of its economical pricing and flexible productivity, making our vacuum press the… Read More >

Black Bros. Co. Presents Latest Innovations in Panel Express Laminating System"> Black Bros. Co. Presents Latest Innovations in Panel Express Laminating System

The Black Bros. Panel Express Heat-Assisted Rotary Laminator is designed to laminate all types of HPL, decorative plastics and other sheet products to plywood, particleboard, or MDF. When used in conjunction with “fast tack” (high solids) PVA adhesives, the Panel Express Laminating System allows you to move from laminating into production without the need for… Read More >

Overcoming Problems with Pressing High Gloss 3D Laminate

One of the most difficult films to press when working with a membrane press is the high gloss film. High gloss films are prone to telegraphing, orange peeling, and wrinkling, and some tips for correcting these issues when you encounter them with a membrane press are discussed below. Orange Peel If you encounter orange peel… Read More >

Exposing Vacuum Press Veneering Myths

It is common for bad information to spread like wild fire over the Internet, TV, and other media sources. Just like topics regarding health and finance, myths have also been spread about vacuum press veneering. Some of the common myths are exposed below. Myth: Water-based glue will cause ripples in my finished veneer panel. This… Read More >