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Electrical Controls Technician Position Available

Black Bros. Co. is expanding their engineering department. The current expansion is for a Controls Technician.
If you wish to submit a resume please send it to:

Black Bros. Co.
Attn: Director of Engineering
PO Box 410
Mendota, IL 61342-0410

Job Description

Title: Electrical Controls Technician
Department: Engineering

Job Purpose Statement: Perform job functions to conceptualize, design and develop new equipment and electrical control packages to meet our customers’ needs.

Reporting Structure: Director of Engineering

Job Functions: (Essential)
• Provide technical assistance to Mechanical Engineers when electrical and/or engineering challenges are encountered before, during, and after equipment construction.
• Develop electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams using the latest AutoCAD software.
• Prepare bills of material, product structure and validation sheets as required.
• Maintain records, files, drawings, bills of material, back-ups, and other pertinent materials.
• Contact vendors for initial information, quotations and component availability.
• Create and/or modify control system ladder diagrams for standard machines as well as prototypes and new innovation for existing equipment.
• Modify control packages according to mechanical engineering data and customer specified operating parameters for the equipment.
• Review existing electrical engineering criteria to identify necessary revisions, deletions or amendments to outdated designs and/or obsoleted components.
• Plan methods and sequence of operations for developing and testing experimental and/or upgraded equipment.
• Work closely in a team environment with our Customer Service, Engineering, Production and Assembly personnel to identify, and solve product development and/or field service issues.
• Analyze situational information to resolve design-related issues on the shop floor and in the field.
• Evaluate engineering proposals, shop drawings and design comments for sound electrical engineering practice and conformance with established safety and design criteria.
• Keep abreast of new developments, standards, components and field practices.
• Travel to customer sites to observe conditions impacting design functions and identify solutions to issues that may only arise during actual machine start-up and commissioning.
• Assist with writing technical manuals and machine start-up procedures.
• Prepare material cost and work-time estimates as required.
• Under general direction perform related duties as assigned with minimal supervision. Follow all safety rules and keep work area in a clean orderly condition.
Note: This description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an incumbent in this job. Incumbents are required to perform other related functions assigned.
Job Qualifications/Requirements:
• Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic knowledge of common design components, i.e., function, use, reliability, etc.
• Proficient in the creation of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic schematic drawings.
• Math knowledge as required to properly perform your required function.
• Good mechanical aptitude and basic knowledge of mechanisms.
• Minimum of an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. (B.S. is a plus)
• AC Motor VFD programming experience (Various manufacturers).
• Three-phase, low voltage equipment. Less than 600VAC. (Voltage will vary depending on destination country)
• 110VAC, 24VDC and Intrinsically safe system control voltages.
• Extensive knowledge of current safety sensors/devices and circuitry implementation of such.
• Extensive knowledge and proper application of mainly the NFPA 79. (CE knowledge is a plus)
• Minimum of 5 years experience relative to Job Functions & Knowledge listed above.
• Work is not subject to checking and will require considerable accuracy and responsibility.
• Handling confidential data of major importance such as product designs which, if disclosed, may be detrimental to the organizations interests.
• Field start-up, modification and troubleshooting experience. (Hands-On)
Machine Tool, Industrial Equipment & Office Software:
• PLC & Touch Screen Programming Software. (Primarily A/B but could be customer specified)
• Autodesk AutoCAD Software (Most current version).
• Microsoft Office programs, i.e. Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.
• Part time supervision of several employees while performing work which, most of the time, is the same or directly related to the work of those supervised, i.e., preparing design drawings, overseeing de-bug procedures, working on start-up activities in the field, etc.
• Worldwide travel is likely.
Environmental/Atmospheric Working Conditions:
• Usual office and/or shop environmental conditions. (Temperature and humidity will vary)
• None