Using a high-tackfast-setting PVA can be ideal for laminating HPL, decorative plastic, and other sheet products to substrates such as particleboard and MDF. The process can be streamlined with the Black Bros. Panel Express System. The Panel Express System utilizes a roller press with bank heaters to both open up wood pores for deeper adhesive penetration and quickly zap adhesive moisture dry to expedite the cure. The product then can be machined shortly after without additional press time.

The Black Bros. Panel Express System consists of a Panel Feeder, Panel Cleaner, Adhesive Spreader, Laminate Indexing Station, Panel Express, and Panel Assist Stacker with outfeed scissor lift. The Panel Express System is capable of running 30” (762 mm) x 4’ (1219 mm) up to 5’ (1524 mm) x 12’ (3658 mm) and 1/4” or thicker panels up to 300 lbs.

A more economical solution to this process is achieved using a combination of a 775 Adhesive Spreader and a Rotary Laminating Press as the system’s core. When using the RL-750 with single roller nip, the finished product needs to be dead-stacked for one to four hours in order to cure the glue based on temperature, humidity, and other variables within the workspace.

Dimension Drawings

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