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Fast-Setting (PVA) Systems

Using a combination of a 775 Adhesive Spreader and either a Rotary Laminating Press or a Panel Express forms the central core of this system. This specialty room-temperature PVA is a high tack, fast setting adhesive found to be ideal for laminating HPL, decorative plastic, and other sheet products to substrates such as particleboard and MDF. Its quick set-up time makes this PVA ideal for laminating cut-to-size panels and permits manufacturers to machine piece parts from full-size panels soon after lamination.

When used with a Rotary Laminating Press the finished product needs to be dead-stacked for an hour to four hours, based on heat/humidity within the work space, in order to cure the glue line. However, if a more rapid cure is desired, the process can be streamlined by using a Panel Express to expedite the cure. The Panel Express uses banks of heaters to dry the adhesive and create a bond within the press. The product can be machined shortly after being laminated through the Panel Express process. As always, consult your adhesive supplier to confirm stack/cure times prior to machining.

The machinery for this process can be as simple as two of the machines mentioned above, with minimal material handling such as a couple scissors lifts and a simple layup table. Or, we can design a complete system that will operate with reduced man power, and empower the operator(s) to produce higher volumes with less human intervention. Call to talk with our sales team about what is right for you!

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