22D-Series Roll Coater

Looking for the perfect finishing touch?

If so, look no further than the Black Bros. 22D-Series Roll Coater line: the 22D-650, 22D-875, and 22D 1175. Standard widths start at 44″ (1118 mm) and run to 74″ (1880 mm) . Built to operate 24/7 with a heavy-duty, welded steel frame, the Black Bros. 22D-Series Roll Coater can handle the heaviest substrates in the most rugged environments. All models come available with a broad range of operator friendly features and automation options to match the demands of any operation.

22D 875 Roll Coater & Adhesive Spreader


  • Air lift to raise top rolls 3″ (76 mm)
  • Riser base – increases pass line height for in-line operation
  • Single handwheel doctor roll adjustment (Note: includes digital read-out)
  • Minimum contact outfeed finger assembly assists in off-loading panels from spreaders
  • Special paint to meet customer preference
  • Pump, fluid handling and recirculation equipment to suit almost any supply or recirculating requirement
  • Automatic liquid level control – sensing unit insures a constant coating material level in the coating reservoir
  • Automatic roll cleaning arrangement spray-cleans rolls during a preset series of forward/reverse roll rotation cycles
  • Automatic Elevator – automates roll nip adjustment
  • Non-stick Coating


  • Cooled or heated rolls
  • Jack-tung caster unit
  • Protective plating of critical parts
  • First revolution scraper blade
  • Power-driven infeed and outfeed rolls
  • Divided top rolls


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