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Hot Pneumatic Press Systems

Take the incredible power of a Black Bros platen press and make it hot.

Now you’ve got a winner, sized for your company that can laminate your wood veneers, HPL and odd sized parts. This machine is also a fine choice if you need to move the now laminated pieces into their final stages of production.

Here’s more information about it, beginning with its bedrock, the timeless platen press.

Platen Press

To begin to understand the Black Bros Hot Press, it will help us to look under the hood at a platen press, which is the basis for this machine.

The platen is the very old term for a device that in certain respects has never changed. This is the large plate – a heavy metal surface, which is designed to press down with tremendous force and meld two products together. In the case of a platen press, these products are typically a piece of furniture or a thicker flat surface, and its veneer.

Platens are the standard way we press in laminating, and have been in use since the birth of the printing press. While the methods used were once as rudimentary as hand or foot power, later innovations in gears and leverage allowed machines that could press the platens with increased force. Today of course we use hydraulic or pneumatic power, which allows you to press down the platen with speed, accuracy, and high pressure if necessary.

In fact, the technology we’ve developed at Black Bros. gives you a fine machine that can bring your production exactly where you’d like it to go. In case you’ve never had the pleasure of controlling the weight of a large platen that is assessed by the ton, you are in for a treat.

Adding Heat

This is the key difference for the platen press, which allows you to create new surfaces that are more inherent within your product than in cold presses. The hot press gives you the most durable surface, practically welding the original surface with the new coating.

Black Bros Pneumatic Hot Press

When you want to laminate many panels at one time, this is the best way to do it.

  • You get 10-80  depending on the model of choice.
  • The 80 ton model gives you 350 tons pressing on the upper platen
  • The opening is 4 to 45 inches, and if necessary, you can stretch that up to 73 inches.

Full, Modular Setup

We know that you have considerations such as shop space and price. To help on both counts, we’ve created all of our machines to be modular and work with your work environment.

That means if you’re a new company, or if you’re simply new to hot pressing, you can choose our machines that will grow with you. Our additions include a panel feeder, scissors lift, panel cleaner and may include a dust collection system, the adhesive spreader, laminate indexing station, your hot press and the roller conveyer.


The scale of all this equipment totals 65’ 5”. Here is the breakdown:

Panel Feeder: 7’-0”

Scissors Lift: 12’-2”

Panel Cleaner: 25”

Adhesive Spreader: 34”

Laminate Index: 14’-0

Hot Press: 11’-9”

Roller Conveyor: 12’-4”

A Personal Invitation

For us here at Black Bros., working with laminating machinery is more than a job – it’s our calling. The platen press is the thoroughbred of our mechanized cavalry. We invite you to see for yourself at our laboratory outside of Chicago.

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We’ve not just developed new technology to serve people like yourself, but where we let you bring your own materials (the kind you need to work with every day) and allow you to test the ideal machines, rolls and conditions that will help you create the perfect product.

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