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How the Industrial Laminating Machine Helps Your Business

The industrial laminating machine is at the heart of any paneling system.

It’s the final stage that creates a new composite, and can give your paneling line the steady workflow that allows you to create more, faster and get new business.

While there are different companies that supply laminating equipment, only Black Bros. has over a century of experience, leading the industry in new designs, such as the Fast Tack System, which curbs the need for pressing and allows you to move your product at a fast pace.  Black Bros” width=”255″ height=”331″ />

The Black Bros. Panel Express Heat-Assisted Rotary Laminator is a powerful machine that has the capacity to laminate all types of plastics, HPL and sheet products onto medium density fiberboard, plywood or particleboard.

Our fast tack, or high-solid polyvinyl acetate is ideal when used along with the Panel Express Laminating System. That’s because the combination lets you go from laminating and straight into production with no extra time in the press.

The system is also able to cut down on environmental hazards when it’s used in conjunction with eco-friendly PVA adhesives. This cuts down on hazards and waste that are common with contact adhesives that are based in solvents.

What You Get with a Full Industrial Laminator System

The Panel Express Complete System features a Panel Feeder followed by an Auto Indexing Scissors Lift. Then a Panel Cleaner, Adhesive Spreader, a Conveyor Belt Style Semi-Automated Laminate Indexing Station followed by the Panel Express (heated), then another Scissors Lift. Depending on sizes of panels, one or two people can operate the entire system.

The Panel Express Complete Laminating System from Black Bros. is capable of running 3’ (914 mm) x 7’ (2134 mm) up to 5’ (1524 mm) x 12’ (3658 mm) and 1/2” or thicker panels up to 250 lbs.

-With manual feeding, you can run 24” (610 mm) widths by 48” (1219 mm) lengths.

-In-Line Continuous Process, give you ability to do many custom size runs in one shift.

Benefits of the Black Bros. System

-Let our system grow with your business; you can start with a basic system.

-As your production requirements grow, we’ll help you add more automation. You can laminate 240, 5’ (1524 mm) x 12’ (3658 mm) panels in 8 hours.

-In-Line Continuous Process, give you ability to do many custom size runs in one shift.

-We also offer you heated and unheated Panel Express machines, and give you cut-to-size lamination or lamination of customized shapes.

-Each machine typically comes with three nips. But we can up that to five nips without heat, and create machines that offer more nips with heat – called the Panel Express Plus.