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Black Bros. continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating, gluing and laminating equipment. Black Bros. equipment can be used with a wide variety of industrial adhesives. Some common industrial adhesives include; polyvinyl acetates, urea formaldehydes, caseins, resorcina, melamine, animal glues, contact industrial adhesives, epoxies, hot melt reactive, hot melt polyurethane, pressure sensitives, heat reactives, wood glues, urethanes and many specialty adhesives. Having an array of flexible machinery that can be used with so many Industrial Adhesives is one of the many advantages of owning a Black Bros. machine. Black Bros. has the experience and technology to build precise and durable equipment ranging from: Laminating machines, adhesive spreaders, roll coaters, rotary laminators and air pod presses that are designed and tested to meet your exact needs. We will work closely with your industrial adhesive supplier to determine the exact equipment for your process.