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The Industrial Laminating Machine

The leader in Industrial Laminating Machine equipment and technology, Black Bros. is the go to name for companies that need cutting edge laminating machines capable of handling any size and type of project.

We’ve built the laminating industry for over 100 years, and we have a huge assortment of innovative solutions that work powerfully with the application you’re using. We even have a test laboratory for you to assess your process.

Try Our Cold Press for Speed and Batch Laminating

If you’re adhering veneer, decorative plastics, papers and foils to a surface, we invite you to explore our adhesive spreader selection, including our flagship model 775 glue spreader.

You can apply batch treatment to substrates such as particleboard and plywood. Add to your process our full line of laminating machinery – the Indexing Station, and the Air Pod Press or Power Pod Presses, which apply pressure to your stacked product until dry. We have solutions to fit every situation.

Nothing is faster than a cold laminating machine for adhering wood paneling. And now – getting that technology into your workshop or factory is easy with Black Bros., because our machines can be simply arranged according to your needs.

At a minimum, use our one of your glue spreaders and a press. At a maximum, one operator can laminate up to three panels per minute once the materials are staged.

Use Our Platen Press for Industrial Laminating

The Air Pod and Power Pod presses can laminate insulated building panels, particleboard, countertop MDF and surfaces designed for working, computer furnishings, doors and steel skin paneling.

The Hot Industrial Laminating Machine

Talk to us about purchasing your own Joos hydraulic press, which is perfect for veneer laminating, small batch architectural panels and materials made from composites.

For Hot Melt Adhesives, we offer the Hot Melt Adhesive Spreader, which includes shielding, exhaust hoods and aligns its drive systems at the opposing ends of the apparatus to ensure the precise and uniform application of glue. Once the glue is spread, the rotary laminator will smooth the adhesive to keep the surface level and stop air bubbles from forming.

Extra Large Hot Melt Laminator

The applications that Black Bros treats with laminating are diverse. The width of our hot laminating machines extends up to 128 inches – over ten and a half feet long. They’re used on RV, hi-tech, military and even space program components.

Find Your Industry Applications

Black Bros. Co. caters to a broad array of industries with our high performance machines, custom engineering and quality service. On these pages is a sampling of the many industries whose leading companies depend on Black Bros. for high quality production equipment and world-class expertise.

From Aerospace to Worktops…

Aerospace Defense

Black Bros. Co. provides equipment to major manufacturers of commercial,aerospace-defense military and business aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines, missiles, spacecraft, materials, related components, etc. Our equipment is used to laminate aluminum alloy flooring sections, panels and cabinetry in commercial aircraft. Our machines are designed to create products that can stand up to the harsh conditions that materials in this field are subjected to.



Black Bros. Co. provides a wide variety of automotive services. From gaskets to autoautomotive interiors, we have the quality service and expertise to exceed all of your needs. Specific examples include the application of release agents on cylinder head gaskets, lamination and coating of truck flooring, application of sealants on tire carcass in a tire re-capping operation and lamination of foam and fabric for headliners.


Building Products

Black Bros. Co. has the accurate equipment to manufacture the products that supplybuilding-products builders, remodelers, owners, developers and suppliers to the single family and multi-family residential construction industry. You will find Black Bros. Adhesive Spreader in plywood plants, countertop and worktop manufacturing facilities, cabinet and RTA furniture operations. More recently our Air Pod Presses have become the laminator of choice for the SIP industry.


Coil Coating

Black Bros. Co.’s new lines of heavy duty CoilCoil Coating Coating machines are state of the art development in the steel and other primary metal processing industries. Operations possible on our horizontal, S-Wrap or Vertical Designs include chromatin, phosating, oiling, painting or laminating. The new line of Coil Coating machines can be implemented as Chemical Coaters or Prime Finish Coaters. Demand Black Bros. quality, dependability and performance in your next coil coating line.



Incredible volumes of hollow cork doors are produced each day around the worldDoors using a Black Bros. Co. adhesive spreader and one or more air pod presses. The loose lay-up method can be performed by (2) crews off one spreader feeding up to 10 or 12 Air Pod Presses. Black Bros. can also help you improve your lamination of solid cork doors. Regardless of size or laminated construction, call BBCO for your equipment needs in the residential or commercial door industry.



Expanded Polystyrene Foam, open or closed cell foams can Foambe coated and or laminated using Black Bros. Co. spreaders, coaters and rotary pneumatic presses. It is likely our engineering services department have created a solution in the past to address your needs. If you are looking for help on garage or warehouse doors; consider high thorough PUT, PUR adhesive, using a Black Bros. 775 Hot Melt Spreader.



Black Bros. provides a wide range of machines that cater to the Mattress industry.Mattress From glue spreaders to roll coaters, BBCO has the machine that will enhance your production in the mattress industry.Space Age foam mattresses and pillows require special handling and adhesive to achieve the performance standards of the consumer and provide a long useful life. BBCO spreaders can handle the most difficult adhesives and the most awkward foam blocks.



Metal Stamping

Metal StampingBlack Bros. Co. serves the fast growing Metal Stamping industry. Metal Stamping is a cost effective process because it’s able to produce material intensive parts at production rates that are much greater than possible using other traditional methods due to our world class coaters. Black Bros. Co. roll coaters are used to apply a broad range of lubricants, oils, and drawing compounds to metal before stamping or forming.


Office Furniture

Black Bros. Co. provides panel processing equipment for the commercial, residentialOffice Furniture and ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturing industries.Commercial industries manufacture furniture for use by the institutional, educational and governmental sectors — primarily reserved for business enterprises.The residential industry manufactures of all kinds and types of chairs, tables, cabinets, desks, sofas, bedsteads, chests and mirror frames, suitable for a private dwelling.



Black Bros. Co. provides a wide range of industries and services to meet yourOther customized specifications. Black Bros. experience with the metered application of fluid coatings and adhesive to substrates is unsurpassed. Our experienced Sales Associates and innovative engineers will develop a solution to your coating, laminating and assembly challenges, and our world class customer service will keep your machine running at it’s best.


Panel Lamination

Volume and flexibility is key to success for made to order panel laminators. Our lineOther of Black Bros. Co. spreaders and laminators, along with our custom engineered handling equipment, can shorten your lead times, improve quality and insure your commercial customers satisfaction. Our cold press laminating system is designed for bonding decorative plastic, veneer, and other sheet products to particleboard, plywood, and other substrates in a continuous batch operation.



Many blown and extruded plastic filmsPlastic require coating before further processing or to achieve important performance characteristics. If your company is in need of plastic coating equipment, Black Bros. Co. has built coaters for this industry up to 174″ wide and at speeds over 500 ft./minute. Our machines are known for their high productivity and extreme durability. Today, Black Bros. continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating equipment.



This FRP/Foam/Metal/Luan construction of RV’s, campers andRV other recreational units is done very efficiently with a Black Bros. Co. roll coater and a Black Bros. RPP. Our Panel Systems can create SIP panels that can be used to form the walls and structure of RV’s and campers. Our machines can handle large panel sizes no problem and due to our efficient and material saving equipment high productivity can be expected.



Large foam panels used in the structural insulated panel industry hold specialSIP challenges for manufacturers. A BBCO spreader tackles that problem with ease driving the EPS foam cork through the rolls while accurately applying adhesive to one or both sides. After assembling the OSB skin to the cork, a stack of structural SIP panels are placed in the Air Pod Press where the critical structural bond can occur.



Store Fixtures

Black Bros. Co. serves the store fixtures,Store Fixtures displays and graphics industry that includes companies directly involved in the manufacture of any product used to hold or present a product or service in a retail environment. These companies manufacture wood, metal, glass, marble, and acrylic fixtures for custom, semi-custom, and stock orders. Typically store fixture shops require small batch size of various colors and cut sizes of laminated panels.



Black Bros. Co. provides durable, high quality equipment that caters to the WorkWork Top Top/Counter Top Industry. Counter Top/ Work Top’s have long enjoyed benefits of Black Bros. Machinery. Machinery Systems can be selected from the BBCO line, based on construction size or production volumes required by the manufacturers. All counter tops and work tops include reliable Black Bros. Adhesive Spreader, but various operations may select from rotary laminator or platen pressing.