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Black Bros. Co can help you determine the optimum way to apply your industrial coatings. Our custom designed machines are used with a variety of industrial coatings for a wide range of coating processes. These industrial coatings include; adhesives, paints, metal, lubricant, oil, resin, latex, enamel, lacquers, inks, stains, clear or gloss coats, toners, waxes, varnishes, polyesters, acrylics, UV curable, elastomers, base coats, fillers, silicone, polyurethane, drawing compunds, etc.

Our machines will accurately apply industrial coatings of most any fluid product to a wide range of substrates. Painting of a panel or plank is easily envisioned, but imagine a fire retardant coating or insecticide applied to a fabric or a non-glare coating on glass. Even the tiles on the bottom of the space shuttle are coated with a Black Bros. roll coater. Fast or slow, narrow or wide, a coater can be designed to fit your specific needs for applying many industrial coatings.