In a broad range of markets, we make your life simple with industry-leading laminating and roll coating equipment. Whether just starting out or looking to grow, your perfectly-customized equipment solution is only a click or call away.


Black Bros. has over 100 years in the wood and furniture industry, serving residential, contract, healthcare, educational and government markets. 

Lab furniture manufacturers require flexible and highly-efficient machinery to deliver high productivity and low cost. With more than a century of experience, Black Bros. is your perfect partner in delivering solutions for this highly-diverse market.

Black Bros. supplies manufacturers of office furniture with quality, dependable machinery. Whether it be for government, healthcare, contract or private business use, we will help your operation run smoothly while cutting costs. 

Black Bros. has more than a century of experience supplying reliable machines to residential furniture manufacturers. Incredible durability and impeccable design give our brand a boost enjoyed by many of the big names in the market. 

Black Bros. has been supplying manufacturers with quality machinery for the ready-to-assemble furniture market for decades. Whether it be for government, healthcare, contract or private business use, our durable equipment can amp up your production line and save you money.

Thousands of doors and window are produced each and every day using Black Bros. machines. With decades on experience in the industry, trust our world-class machinery to create your own solution.

Building Products

Black Bros. offers industry-leading machinery for a wide range of building products, from woods to plastics to metals.

With volume and flexibility top of mind, our time-tested machinery can shorten lead times, improve quality, and increase satisfaction in your product.   

Black Bros. machinery has the durability, efficiency, and versatility required to handle any project for the kitchen and bathroom industry. From countertops to bathtubs, we have the perfect solution to solve your unique application. 

Black Bros. machinery has the documented results to handle your foam operation — from basic coating to the most intricate laminating systems using both rigid and flexible substrates. 

 Large foam panels can be difficult to produce efficiently and quickly, but with Black Bros. machinery, those problems are easily solved.

Black Bros. offers a wide variety of industry leading equipment for the manufacturing of flooring products, for both residential and commercial markets. Our highly-durable machines are versatile enough to handle any flooring type, from linoleum to engineered hardwood.

From carpet used in commercial or residential settings, to decorative rugs and industrial mats and universal padding, Black Bros. machines have the flexibility, precision, and durability to handle any and all application in the carpet and flooring industry. 

Producers of insulation rely on Black Bros. laminating equipment every day. Contact us today to learn how our extensive experience can help find solutions to your specific application. 

Black Bros has over a century of experience producing high-quality machinery for all types off wood applications, including the ever-expanding closet market. Black Bros. will partner with you to deliver impeccable craftsmanship.

Black Bros. machinery produces high-quality retail fixtures efficiently and economically.


Black Bros. has a track record for building durable machines and complex systems for the transportation and aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry requires intricate parts that manufacturers can rely on. Black Bros. has the experience and knowhow to improve your process down to the smallest detail.

Recreational vehicle manufacturers depend on quality equipment to build reliable products. With Black Bros., that’s exactly what you get. Our customized machinery can handle virtually any panel size for any type of RV or camper.


From industrial to commercial, Black Bros. Co. has decades of experience in dealing with all types of metal applications.

Manufacturers that produce stamped or decorative metal products will benefit from precision and efficiency of Black Bros. machinery. Creating complex, durable parts with our equipment translates to higher production rates that other traditional methods.

Black Bros. understands the rigorous demands your coil coating line requires. Our flexible coil coating machines are capable of a variety of applications, including chromatin, phosating, oiling, painting and laminating.

Manufacturers that produce fabricated metal products will benefit from the precision and efficiency of Black Bros. machinery. Creating material-intensive parts with our durable equipment translates to higher production rates than other traditional methods.



From plastic to paper, Black Bros. has the expertise for building versatile machinery and complete web systems for packaging and converting.

In the ever-changing world of paper packaging, Black Bros. knows manufacturers must be highly-efficient and mindful of excess waste. Our world-renown machinery will help produce highly-durable paper packaging resourcefully. 

Black Bros. customized machinery will help you produce durable, efficient and environmentally-sound plastic packaging that will help your bottom line and keep you ahead of the competition. 

In the dynamic and versatile world of converting, Black Bros. machines are able to handle different strengths, speeds, and materials.

Consumer Products

In a retail and consumer environment that is rapidly changing, Black Bros. has the expertise to apply any coating to even the smallest part.


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