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Laboratory for Research & Development of Industrial Lamination and Roll Coating

January 15th, 2015 – Mendota, Illinois – Laminating and Roll Coating is a common practice throughout many industries, but finding a location to test materials, applications and machinery has never been easier than with the Grand Re-Opening of Black Brothers Industrial Lamination and Roll Coating Laboratory, and the creation of a dedicated Test/Demo Lab page on their website.

Black Brothers’ new open laboratory is designed for experts from across the country to test experimental materials and manufacturing methods. Black Brothers’ goal is to help companies cut costs and develop innovative techniques by providing easier research and development.

Largest of our 9,500 S.F. Designated Lab SpacesThe lab is the only one of its kind in America that is dedicated to helping companies learn how Laminating and Roll Coating will improve their production and positively affect their bottom line.

Located in Mendota, Illinois, 90 minutes from Chicago, the laboratory is based on Black Brothers historic property. The company is the nation’s oldest innovator in laminating and coating machinery, which Ed Strahota, Director of Marketing, says makes it the most fitting home to a now state of the art, 9,500 square foot industrial demonstration center.

“This lab is really a link back to our early production,” says Strahota “We were innovating at the birth of coating back in the mid-20th century, and now we’re helping companies do the same thing into the new millennium.” This is important for businesses that need to work on how to increase their returns on specific products in wavering markets.

“Metals, wood products, plastics, composites, and other materials can all be processed using our laminating and roll coating techniques,” says Tim Eich, Lab Manager at Black Brothers Co. “Most people that will opt to use our testing facility are those that want to test a new style of production, introduce a new material, or experiment with equipment they’re considering for purchase.”

“But the other benefit we offer is helping companies learn what markets they can tap once they add laminating and roll coating methods to the products they already produce. We have a lot of knowledge about how they can move forward and create more reach and value in their niche.”

The laboratory is filled with machines that demonstrate Black Bros. capabilities, and modular machine configurations available, for companies involved in laminating, coating, and pressing. For more information on Black Bros. capabilities and availability of their Test/Demo Lab give them a call at (800) 252-2568, or reach them on the web at: Black Bros. invites you to see the difference that Roll Coating can make in your unique application.