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Minimum Contact Gravity Conveyor

Model # - Minimum Contact Gravity Conveyor

Serial # - 986419137

Condition - DEMO

Categories - Material Handling


Designed to handle panels or other materials at the entrance and exit of in-line applicator equipment during the manufacturing process. Minimum contact discs ensure the weight of the panels or materials is not supported on the glue rollers allowing for an undisturbed and perfectly sealed finished product.

Disks mounted on 12″ centers, disks mounted on 3/4″ diameter stainless steel axles on 12″ centers, axles mounted in double sealed 3/4″ heavy duty bearings, heavy duty frame 30″ x 75″ with adjustable food pads (approx. work area 42″ x 120″), complete with optional removable stainless steel wash pan with easy to remove cleaning drain and swivel block.

min contact gravity conveyor