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Vacuum ThermoFormer Model TF3-4-8

Model # - ThermoFormer Model TF3-4-8

Serial # - 369630

Power Supply - 220 - 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz

Condition - DEMO

Categories - 3D Machines & Accessories


3D ThermoFormer Model TF3-4-8 BLACK BROS. 3D ThermoFormer Model TF3-4-8

Designed for 57” wide 3DL (1400 & 1450 mm)
220 – 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 24VDC Control Circuits

Complete With:
(2) Single Loading Trays with Frame Clamps. Useable area is approx. 48” x 96” (1220 mm x 2440 mm). Clamp frame opens by air cylinder.
Minimizer with Rubber Gasket to seal unused area of the tray
On-board Allen Bradley PLC controller with Panel View C-600 Touch Screen
Capable of 9 programs or “recipes,” controller mounted on the press.
3 HP Vacuum Pump
Infra-red bulb heaters 375-Watt
Simple 2-roll 3DL (3-dimensional laminate) rack (no casters)
(600) Magnetic Starter Pins (per tray)
Standard Paint BBCO White for press enclosure.  Everything outside press enclosure to be BBCO Blue

Press Specification:
• Press system: Vacuum/heat chamber
• Press body: Welded tubular steel with sheet metal
• Tray dimension, outer edge: 58.5 ” x 106.5” (1490 x 2705 mm)
• Tray dimension, inner edge: 52.5” x 100.5” (1335 x 2550 mm)
• Practical usable area: 48” x 96” (1220 x 2440 mm)
• Height of tray: 2.0” (50.1 mm)
• Overall height of press chamber: 5.0” (125 mm)
• Heating oven design: Reflective shielding with IR bulbs
• Maximum temperature: 350°F (175°C)
• Working table height approx.: 36” (915 mm)
• Vacuum pump: 3 HP
• Maximum chamber pressure: 14.5 psi. (1 kg/cm2) Vacuum
• Dimensions (W x L x H): 71” x 226” x 62” (1803 x 5740 x 1575 mm)
• Approximate Weight: 2,950 pounds (1340 kg)

Electrical Specification:
• Operating power supply: 230 volt / 60 hertz / 3 phase

Press Time
• Pressing time depends on the type and thickness of the laminate, the press temperature, the adhesive formula and other factors. Due to the number of variants, it is impossible to accurately predict the press time.
• A pressing cycle of 150 seconds can be achieved with most standard 3DL’s.

Pressing Programs
(Single-sided lamination of a contoured substrate surface)
• Using the machine to press standard 3DL’s to the substrate
• Using the machine with a membrane to press veneer to the substrate
• Pressing 3DL without the membrane

 Pressing Area
(Net pressure chamber height = lower tray cavity + upper tray frame cavity)
• Maximum chamber height with a 2” deep tray is 5”, however, the ability to utilize that dimension will vary based on the geometry of the parts, and the thickness of the 3DL.
• Maximum usable area is 48” x 96”.
• Maximum part height = work piece height + pedestal/template height (recommended not to exceed 2.75”).

Pressing Materials
• Substrates: the machined profile of the substrate should be matched to the laminate, and the working parameters of the machine.
– MDF (double refined yields best definition)
– Particle board and other acceptable substrates.
• Laminating overlay material
– 3DL (3-dimensional laminate) like PVC, ABS, PO, PET, PETG, APET which are suitable for the pressing procedure
– Heat Transfer Foils
• Laminating Adhesives
– One-part and Two-part water based polyurethane dispersion

3D Thermoformer Model TF3-4-8 3D Thermoformer Model TF3-4-8