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Madison Area Technical College Laminating Seminar


Black Bros. was proud to be represented at The Madison Area Technical College (MATC) Laminating Seminar. The recent seminar was sponsored by the Wisconsin AWI chapter and was a great success. The turn out was fantastic and the response of the attendees was overwhelming. MATC representative, Director Patrick Molzahn said, “It was our largest seminar to date”.  The seminar featured a presentation by our Director of Sales, Todd Phalen, on the different modes of laminating with PVA. Todd also went into detail about the pros and cons of using different machines.

Not only did Todd teach the crowd about the mechanics of PVA laminating, there was a  hands-on roll coating , pinch rolling , and cold press  demonstration with Josh Bartlett of Applied Adhesives.  Those in attendance were educated on how to calculate proper pressure when using a cold press. Todd demonstrated how to calculate the right amount of pressure that is needed in the prong a handy slide chart tool, provided by Black Bros..

laminating 2

We at Black Bros. would like to thank M ATC and the Wisconsin AWI chapter for having us at The Laminating Seminar, as well as all of the

students and other guests in attendance. We are always glad to help bring real work experience to those who are interested in learning about the industry. The Cabinetmaking & Millwork programs at Madison Area Technical College offers several seminars annually and you can view them at the Madison College website.