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Manufacturing Is Alive and Kicking

Manufacturing Isn’t Dead

Manufacturing is alive in the western world. Black Bros” href=””>Our company was started 100 years after the industrial revolution, a time when manufacturing was king and all a man needed to make a living were a few basic skills, an abled body and a will to work. Manufacturing has become a hot topic in politics, and is often used as an example of how jobs have been lost to technology. It is very much true that low skill manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to countries with low wage standards or completely replaced by machinery, but manufacturing is far from dead in the western world.

Advanced Equipment

Manufacturing has become more technical, and the equipment has become more advanced. Even with these advancements we still have equipment that hasn’t changed too much. Take for example our roll coaters that are used to make a myriad of goods such as, adhering the binding on books and laminating wooden floors and cabinets. Our roll coater has been one of our top in the market. Even with all the technological changes in the industry, the process hasn’t changed that much and there are companies in the western world who are using our equipments to create these products.

Highly Skilled & More Education?

Instead of spreading propaganda about the death of manufacturing, it would better serve everyone if they knew exactly what type of manufacturing jobs are available and what level of training is needed to get these jobs. I very much see tomorrow’s manufacturing jobs requiring a technical school certification or an associates degree. Some schools have already foreseen the need for highly skilled educated manufacture workers, and have created degree programs to fill this need.