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Material handling

To fulfill your need for more automation to speed process times, Black Bros. Co. offers material handling options such as a pneumatic panel feeder, laminate indexing station, scissors lift and more.

495 Panel Cleaner

The 495 Panel Cleaner helps ensure that the material is completely clean on both sides, this helps maintain a high quality bond that will last as well as reduce waste.

Inclined Outfeed Tables

The Inclined Outfeed Table allows materials, such as doors and panels to exit the coater or laminator without disturbing the adhesive on the bottom of the substrate.

Laminating Indexing Station

The Laminating Index Station allows you to handle the boards and panels after they have been coated without the worry of getting adhesive on your hands or disturbing the laminate.

Panel Stacker

The Panel Stacker automatically stacks panels after they have been coated and dried, this machine can handle materials up to 5’x12′.

Pivoting & Sliding Guides

The pivoting corners and slide guides help operators build a door stack on a scissor lift, it allows for multiple sizes of doors and can easily be changed and removed.

Pneumatic Panel Feeder

The Pneumatic Panel Feeder eliminates the need for an operator to manually feed material into a machine, once the first substrate is sent through it indexes upwards and is ready to feed the next panel.

Scissor Lift

The Scissor Lift is required to feed large materials into a machine, the optional rollers makes transferring and moving materials easy and hassle free.

Stock Support Tables

The Stock Support Table can be used to hold loose materials, the length of the legs can be changed based on the operators preference or material type.

Transfer Carts

Transfer Carts are used for transferring stacks of doors or panels to the scissor lifts where they are then fed into the coating machines.

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