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Membrane Thermofoil Press

Black Bros. line of industrial Membrane Presses, now called the 3D-SmartPress, offers the highest quality in the thermolaminating/3D laminating industry. This line of positive pressure membrane presses have been a quality standard for almost twenty years.

What distinguishes a Membrane Press from a Vaccum Press are the systems engineered into the machine. A Membrane Press has a system of both negative (vacuum) and positive pressure built into it, making it able to achieve greater definition to the surface, due to the amount of positive air pressure the machine can generate on the surface of the material. A Vacuum Press can only draw a vacuum, approximately 14.5 PSI maximum.

What distinguishes our Membrane Press from other presses in the market place? At Black Bros. we manufacture a true 3 chamber Membrane Press. Other manufacturers claim to build a “membrane” press, but not all are created alike. If you look at the diagram to the right you’ll see an illustration of a true 3 chamber machine.

The advantage of a 3 chamber machine is as follows:

Diagram of 3 Chamber Press

Diagram of 3 Chamber Press

1) The ability to draw a vacuum between the 3DL and the
membrane, and thus reduce wrinkles
2) The ability to keep the 3DL and membrane together during
the heating cycle
3) The ability to keep the 3DL and membrane together during
the initial vacuum cycle
4) The ability to run with or without the membrane during the
complete forming cycle

Ultimately the technical benefits of a 3 chamber machine are
the flexibility in the laminating cycle to control the membrane
(and 3D laminate) temperature, provide for membrane or
membraneless forming, and to put control in the operator’s
hands to be able to accurately repeat the cycle parameters.
All of this, plus the benefit of reduced wrinkles, are what
a true 3 chamber machine brings you!

Markets where manufacturers are taking advantage of our advanced 3D laminating technology include:

  • Kitchen & Bath door and drawer fronts
  • Closet & Garage door and drawer fronts
  • Store Fixture and Display components
  • Office and Hospitality Furniture
  • Healthcare and Architectural components
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) components
  • Aerospace and Transportation applications
  • Any application where paint can be replaced by 3DL

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Standard Features of a Black Bros. 3D-SmartPress

Every press we build comes with the following features that make it a truly unique machine:

  • Quiet operation due to simplicity in design with pneumatics
  • Ease of maintenance also due to pneumatic operation
  • Low power consumption interchangeable electric heating element
  • High efficiency aluminum upper platen is chambered to warm incoming air
  • State of the art controls for easy programming and repeat performance


Available Models:

SP1-408-1(2) 4′ x 8′ capacity 3D-SmartPress, with single or double trays.
SP1-410-1(2) 4′ x 10′ capacity 3D-SmartPress, with single or double trays.
(SP1 machines can be retro fitted with SmartPin Technology at a later date)

SPP1-408-2* 4′ x 8′ capacity 3D-SmartPress, double tray, Automated With SmartPin Technology.
SPP1-410-2* 4′ x 10′ capacity 3D-SmartPress, double tray, Automated With SmartPin Technology.
(*also available in a 3 tray model)

An automated flipping unit (turn over device) is available for machines “only” with an elevator unit (included in all SPP1 models). Elevator units, along with corresponding layup table, are available as options to all basic SP1 machines. Adding an elevator unit allows for an easy future upgrade to a machine Automated With SmartPin Technology, and keeps your operators working at the same end of the machine in their own “cell” footprint. Consider adding these components to your basic machine, in order to ready your machine for the SmartPin upgrade!