New 3D Lab Tour

View a Virtual 3D Tour of our Research and Development Lab

You can now view our Research and Development Lab as well as some of our machines up close, without stepping foot in our Mendota, IL location.

Check out the new virtual 3D lab tour below.


The following is the list of machines featured in our lab tour:

22D-650 Top and Bottom 26″ Spreader

The 650 is the ultimate go-to Black Brothers Lab Trial Machine. With multiple rolls in stock, we can provide different roll surfaces for any testing needs. The 26″ rolls provide perfect conditions to test different substrates and coatings for real-time manufacturing.


ThermoFormer 2x4x8

Each press comes complete with automatic temperature control, 375-watt infra-red heaters, single or double tray operation, Busch vacuum pump, interior fan cooling, double ribbed tray gasket for an airtight seal, pneumatic tray cylinder/support, PLC for storage and operation of program parameters, and a soft-touch HMI control panel. This vacuum press is able to handle panels up to 2 inches in thickness, up to 48 inches in width, and up to 96 or 120 inches in length (depending on model). All machines are designed to handle standard width 3D laminates.


Differential Direct/Reverse Roll Coater (DDRC)

The Black Bros. Differential Direct Roll Coater (DDRC) is a highly versatile, advanced design roll coater featuring independent variable speed drives for the coating roll, direct or reverse rotating doctor roll, and conveyor belt. The DDRC is ideal for applying UV curable coatings, and for applications of solvent and water borne coatings including stains, tints, colors and protective coats onto wood, metal, plastics, aluminum, and more. This Roll Coater is capable of producing exceptionally smooth finishes with light to heavy viscosity materials.


Panel Express

The Black Bros. Panel Express heat-assisted rotary laminator is designed to laminate all types of HPL and most veneers to particleboard or MDF down to individual parts 44” long. When used in conjunction with ‘fast tack’ PVA adhesives, the Panel Express Laminating System allows you to move from laminating into production without the need for additional curing or press time. And by using environmentally friendly PVA adhesives, it eliminates the hazards and waste related to solvent-based contact adhesive methods.



OverStack Panel Feeder

The OverStack Panel Feeder boosts efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The feeder’s design allows boards to be taken directly off the scissors lift and into the production line. The cylinder that feeds the boards is now above the stack instead of behind the stack, which reduces the footprint of the feeder, thus taking up less manufacturing floor space.



775 Single Top Hot Melt Adhesive Spreader

The 775 Hot Melt Adhesive Spreader is built to handle the increasing demands for conventional and reactive hot melt moisture-cured polyurethane (RHM/PUR) adhesive application. ¬The 775 Hot Melt is equipped with the necessary features to accommodate RHM/PUR materials: rugged steel frame, drive components on one end, easy access to the roll ends for maintenance, tempered glass shields, and vent or ports for vapor control.



RL-750 Rotary Laminating Press

The Black Bros. RL-750 Laminating Press is a Rotary Laminator, which is ideal for laminating sheet-to-sheet materials. It is adept in many different applications, delivering bonding nip pressure up to 2000 pounds. Common uses include nip and stack lines using solvent or water-based contact cements. The RL is often paired with our 775 Hot Melt PUR Spreader to provide fast, reliable, laminating pressure. The RL-750 features 7 1/2-inch laminating rolls arranged with variable speed drive on lower roll and durable safety guards to prevent pinch accidents.



775 68″ Top & Bottom Glue Spreader

Our featured Black Bros. Roll Coater. The Black Bros. 775 Adhesive Spreader is built for durability and excellence and provides a compact, reliable and economical approach to adhesive spreading or roll coating for standard size materials. The efficient design-with fewer components than other models-makes the 775 easy to maintain and increases uptime. The Model 775 provides outstanding consistency, quality and a long life. Our glue spreaders are available in three standard sizes: 44″ (1118 mm), 56″ (1422mm), 68″ (1727 mm) with numerous standard features and options. Black Bros. 775 Adhesive Spreader and Roll Coater is a popular choice for companies who need an efficient method of applying adhesive or coating, but cannot justify the larger, higher production glue spreader or roll coater.


RPP-C-1575 Pneumatic Rotary Press

The Black Bros. C1575 Rotary Laminator is designed especially for laminating heat-sensitive adhesive films or thermally softened substrates in roll-to-roll applications. Its large diameter rolls and reinforced, durable construction yield outstanding heat transfer performance on a wide range of materials up to 250 FPM.


68″ Web Rewind Stand

Web Rewind Stand: linear actuator for rewind stand edge controls.  Web tension control using dancer arm; w/ Automatic web guidance system. Will handle roll stock from 6″ to 61″ wide, 700 lbs. and 20″ in diameter with aluminum Air shafts, 3″ & 6″ cores. Safety chucks provided.

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