continuous, REady-to-cut boards with this HEAT-ASSISTED ROTARY LAMINAtor

The Black Bros. Panel Express is designed to laminate all types of HPL down to individual parts 44″ long.

When used in conjunction with “fast tack” PVA adhesives, the Panel Express allows you to move from laminating into production without the need for additional curing or press time. By using environmentally friendly PVA adhesives, it eliminates the hazards and waste related to solvent-based contact adhesive methods.


  • Six driven, single-speed, 7.5” (191 mm) Silicone 70 Duro rolls force out air and nip substrate and laminate together

  • Four wide-area radiant heaters raise substrate surface temperature to approximately 150 degrees. Heat accelerates the adhesive cure, reduces moisture

  • Single handwheel adjusts mechanical down-pressure and opening height

  • Four access covers electrically interlocked allow easy access to rolls and heaters

  • Integrated control panel arrangement adjusts heater temperature and controls the main on/off function

  • Variable speed drive (10 to 30 fpm/3 to 9.1 mpm)


  • Segmented bottom rolls for running countertops or similar material

  • Optional components available to run parts runs as small as 24” (600 mm)


“The Black Bros. Co. Panel Express Laminating System has provided Aetna with a laminating system that has great flexibility when running our various products, whether it is short runs or 8 hour runs with minimal downtime.  Black Bros. has been a true partner with Aetna working together to make many improvements with minimal costs.  I think both companies learned a lot from working together to optimize our laminating process during start-up. It was a true success story for both our companies.”

-Jon Minnaert, President, Aetna Building Solutions

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