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Laminator Systems

Wet Paper lamination Machines

The Black Bros. Wet Paper Laminator System pairs up the seven seventy-five adhesive spreader with the TB-60 hot melt laminator, allowing you to run either pre-glued or non-glued papers and vinyl for maximum flexibility. This system overcomes the typical “grain raise” problem that leaves a rough, unsatisfactory finish when gluing paper to wood substrate. A Black Bros. Panel Cleaner assures that the substrate is clean before the adhesive is applied. And by adding a Black Bros. Pneumatic Panel Feeder, total manpower to operate this system can be reduced to just two individuals. For faster run speeds or when moisture or cold is a consideration, an oven can be inserted between the panel cleaner and the seven seventy-five. Using non-glued paper and water-based adhesives can reduce the glue line cost nearly fifty percent.

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