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Black Bros. ThermoFormer Vacuum Presses

The Black Bros. ThermoFormer (TF) is among our top selling 3D laminating (thermofoil) presses. Due to its economical pricing, and flexible productivity, a vacuum press is frequently the ideal solution for smaller companies. The ThermoFormer vacuum press is perfect for heavy and thick parts, including desk tops and work surfaces. Standard applications include:

    • Kitchen & Bath door and drawer fronts
    • Closet & Garage door and drawer fronts
    • Store Fixture and Display components
    • Office and Hospitality Furniture
    • Healthcare and Architectural components
    • Any application where paint can be replaced by 3DL
    • It has also been used in some non-wood applications where heat and pressure, along with the ability to form to a contour, have made it a perfect solution for laminating

3D ThermoFormer Model TF3-4-8

Vacuum Pressing Made Easy

Each press comes complete with automatic temperature control, 375 watt infra-red heaters, single or double tray operation, Busch vacuum pump, interior fan cooling, double ribbed tray gasket for an airtight seal, pneumatic tray cylinder/support, PLC for storage and operation of program parameters, and a soft-touch HMI control panel. This vacuum press is able to handle panels up to 2 inches in thickness, up to 48 inches in width, and up to 96 or 120 inches in length (depending on model). All machines are designed to handle standard width 3D laminates.

The two models currently being offered are:

The TF3-4-8 for up to 8′ part lengths / 3HP pump standard
The TF3-4-10 for up to 10′ part lengths / 5HP pump standard
Custom machines built upon request

See our Guide to Vacuum Presses PDF for more info.

Vacuum PDF

Vacuum Press Applications


  • Kitchen cabinets and doors
  • Work surfaces & tables
  • Office Furniture
  • RV components
  • Cabinetry
  • Furniture

3D Laminating

  • PVC Rigid (RTF)
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyolefin (PO)
  • PVC – Flexibles
  • KYDEX™
  • Polystyrene

Vacuum Press Features

Touchscreen Control Panel

Air Cylinder for Hinging Frame

Infra-red Bulbs for Accurate Heat