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Black Bros. & Rapha Systems – 3D Machines & Accessories

Black Bros. has partnered with Rapha Systems of Austria, to bring you a full line of Machines and Accessories for the complete 3D Laminating process. Whether it’s a need for spare membranes, trim knives, 3DL roll storage, or an automated system for removing adhesive over-spray from the backs of components, Black Bros. can meet that need! See below for a list of available products from Black Bros. & Rapha Systems:

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Rapha Systems Products



RAPHA Membranes:09_Membrane
MNK2 – Natural Rubber (gray), 4 mm, both sides smooth, 50° shore, 130°C max., for pressing
laminates and veneers, excellent for high gloss use (priced per 67” x 118” cut size).

MS2 – Silicone Rubber (white), 3 mm,one side smooth, one side satin, 50° shore, 200°C max., for
general pressing of 3DL, our most popular choice (66 1/8″ & 78 3/4″ width – priced per lineal foot).
A best selling product in Europe has become the best seller in North America too!


RAPHA Starter Pin System:08_Pinsys_Starter
This entry level pin system consists of standard 15 mm high magnetic pins, with a replaceable rubber
top cap and magnetic base. Recommended pin count for a standard 4’ x 8’ tray is 600 pins, a 4’ x 10
tray is 750 pins (18 mm pin height also available upon request).

Base Plate for Starter Pin System:
For presses with aluminum or other non-ferrous tray materials, a perforated, galvanized, steel base
plate is supplied (one piece construction).

RAPHA Serial Pin System:06_Pinsys_Serial
This system of quick pedestal/template placement is popular among users who value a more lean
approach to manufacturing. By utilizing the Serial Pin System you eliminate the need to cut and
store pedestal boards to support your work piece. The dual rotating pin/disc combination is easy
to index, easy to reset, and requires no tools (standard pin is 12 mm, also available in 15/18 mm).
See below for a video of this item. Go to our VIDEO PAGE for more RAPHA videos (located in 3D Machinery & Accessories category).


RAPHA BS1 Trimming Knife:12_special trimmingknife
Ergonomically shaped to fit well in your hand, the BS1 is designed to reduce labor and give better
control to the trimming process. Due to its unique knob-like shape, it is easy to pivot while trimming
around corners. The weight of the knife, along with the smooth bottom sole, allows the operator to
move with greater speed, and control, than with other conventional means.

RAPHA BS1-SP Trimming Knife:
This is the same ergonomic body as the standard BS1, but it is machined to have a much smaller sole.
The function is the same, except that the SP is geared toward narrow parts such as glass door frames,
or mullions. Its base has a diameter of 1-9/16” (40 mm) over that of the standard knife which has a
2-5/16” (60 mm) base. (picture not shown)


RAPHA Cleaning Pads:13_RHG Hand_Cleaner
A simple way to remove adhesive over-spray is to use a 6” random orbital sander with a Rapha cleaning
pad. These self-stick cleaning pads have a unique design that allows them to remove the adhesive
without clogging up. Estimated usage is 1,000 parts per pad.
(NOTE: Make sure the pad is running “warm” and not “hot”. You may need to adjust the speed of the
orbital hand tool in order to facilitate this. If the pads run too hot it will reduce their longevity)

15_rbm1500_RAPHA RBM 1500-4 Rotary Brushing Machine:
A hands free way to remove excessive adhesive over-spray is to use
the RBM 1500-4. The RBM utilizes an “in-line” conveyed process to reduce labor, and increase your throughput, with an approximate parts volume of 2,000 parts per 8 hour shift (includes infeed conveyor – outfeed conveyor optional). See below for a video of this item. Go to our VIDEO PAGE for more RAPHA videos (located in 3D Machinery & Accessories category).


RAPHA RBM 2000-8 Rotary Brushing Machine:
A more robust hands free way to get rid of excessive adhesive overspray is to use the RBM 2000-8. It utilizes
the same “in-line” process to reduce labor, and increase your throughput; however, with double the number of heads, the approximate parts volume takes a substantial jump up to 4,000 parts per 8 hour shift (includes infeed conveyor – outfeed conveyor optional / picture not shown).


RAPHA 3DL Carousels:03_Paternoster
Store your 3DL rolls in a space saving, compact, vertical storage rack, at the infeed of your machine.
3DL carousels are a simple solution for managing your roll inventory. Each carousel is driven by an
electric gear motor, with key switch controls. The self-lubricating shaft ends are locked in place by
a simple scissors mechanism mounted on a heavy gauge hollow bolt chain, and are easy to relocate
anywhere on the chain. A roll dolly (included) assists in the loading and unloading of the 3DL product.
See below for a video of this item. Go to our VIDEO PAGE for more RAPHA videos (located in 3D Machinery & Accessories category).

Model C-2808 / 8-14 roll capacity, 110.3 inches (2800 mm) high
Model C-3812 / 12-20 roll capacity, 149.6 inches (3800 mm) high
Model C-4815 / 15-26 roll capacity, 190.0 inches (4800 mm) high
Model C-6019 / 19-31 roll capacity, 236.3 inches (6000 mm) high

The minimum (standard) roll capacity is based on 19.7” (500 mm) roll diameters. The maximum (optional) roll capacity is based on 11.8” (300 mm) roll diameters. Each machine is supplied with the standard number of shafts/scissors included in the rack price. To add roll positions, a roll shaft and additional scissor set is required for each roll position. Use the kit below to increase the desired amount of roll positions.

Additional Roll Kits & Centering Sleeves:
A roll kit includes one (1) roller shaft, and an additional pair of scissors (two (2) scissors per shaft – no tools required)
Optional centering sleeves assist in holding the roll to a fixed position on the shaft. Excellent for creating a fence line.

More 3D Laminating Accessories from Black Bros.



Ionization System:Ionizing BarIonizing Gun
As an aid to neutralizing electrostatic charges, a combination
of an ionizing bar, and an ionizing air gun is recommended for
all 3D laminating applications. The air gun neutralizes and
cleans the tray, while the ionizing bar balances the charge
on the 3DL being pulled from the roll. Eliminate the static
in your operation! Call us for pricing today.

Standard 120 volt power supplies included (air hose not incl.).


Drying Racks on Casters:Drying Rack
Portable drying racks allow a method for pre-staging components that have been sprayed with adhesive.
With 25 vertical tiers per side (50 total), a portable drying rack provides a simple way to hold components
at the spray booth while they flash-off, and then deliver them to the press. The racks are made of a heavy
welded steel base, powder coated white finish, with a boxed shipping weight of 125 pounds.
Rack dimensions are as follows:
SHELVES = 12″ wide x 17″ deep, 2″ between shelves – BASE = 24″ x 40″ – HEIGHT = 72″ – CASTERS 5″


Basic Roll Rack:
Welded steel tubing rack with adjustable roll holders for two to four rolls of 3DL, saddles for two rolls
of laminate included. Additional roll saddles available. Manual cutting of 3DL is accommodated through
a built-in slot in the framework.

Deluxe Roll Rack with Casters:
Welded steel tubing rack with adjustable roll holders for four to six rolls of 3DL, saddles for four rolls
of laminate included. Additional roll saddles available. The rack comes complete with four swivel/locking
casters to make it mobile.


Semi-Automatic Cutting Device:DSC_1951A
With this device it is no longer necessary to waste time cutting your vinyl manually. This cutter can be mounted either on the frame of a roll rack, to the frame work of the press, or free standing. It is pneumatically powered to cut the 3DL coming into the tray. A single toggle switch controls the cutting cycle (second toggle switch is optional). The cutter uses standard utility knife blades which can be purchased at any hardware or big box home center store.

Automatic 3DL Pulling/Cutting Device:
For a fully automated approach, the best option is this hands free method of both pulling and cutting the 3DL during the process of loading the tray. The operator initiates the cycle from the remote console, and the pulling mechanism pulls the laminate over the tray, cutting it to a pre-set length. This device works in conjunction with our 3D-SmartPress.

Rapha Turn-Over System RDW:RDW_052015 TurnOverSys
In a fully automated press line a flipping unit is essential for the productivity of the press. Once parts have been processed, and have exited the press, the flipping unit engages that tray and unloads the entire tray through means of a vacuum system. The load is inverted 180° and now readily accessible for trimming. A reverse flow of air from the vacuum system makes removal of that load more user-friendly. Optional belt and/or roller conveyors may be added to facilitate handling of trimmed parts to a down-line trimming cell. See below for a video of this item. Go to our VIDEO PAGE for more RAPHA videos (located in 3D Machinery & Accessories category).


Panel Cleaner / 495-38 or 68:New Panel Cleaning Technology
To insure proper cleaning of MDF components, and to keep airborne dust at a minimum, we offer a two-
sided, roll driven panel cleaner with Horse Hair rotary brushes. The machine sweeps the surfaces free
of loose particles, and extracts those particles through a high efficiency dust collection hood/shroud
(dust collection system provided by customer). Minimum part length of 12” (305 mm) is achieved through
dual infeed/outfeed drive rollers. An air knife system is optional.

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