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At Black Bros. we’ve been providing people like you with high quality, durable machines for over 133 years…

We invented the molding sander in 1889, the veneer taping machine in 1910, the clamp holding machine in 1919, the 22D glue spreader in 1937, we exported our machines to rebuild Asia and Europe in 1948, made the first panel cleaning machine in 1961, created the first customer service laboratory in 1963, the first laminate indexing station in 1998, and the first panel express heat-assisted rotary laminator in 2002.       

What does that mean to you?
Experience. You get more of it with Black Bros. than anyone else.    

We do have an array of beautiful, competitive machines. But it’s our decades of machine research and understanding, backed by more first-hand industry knowledge than any other company that can move your production to the next level.

To prove it, we invite you to visit our state-of-the-art laboratory. Arrange an appointment, bring your products and we’ll help you perfect your process, and maybe discover new ones.

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We have machines for every niche.

Often we have extra machines in our inventory. These machines may be new, used, lab-demo or leased. We post our available machines here at the Black Bros. machine inventory.
Machine Inventory


Black Bros. roll coating equipment and adhesive coaters are state-of-the-art machines that are durable and reliable. These coaters and spreaders offer system-matched productivity and easy maintenance. Uniform coverage means higher productivity, optimum quality, and minimal scrap.

Black Bros. heavy duty roll coating machinery easily adjusts for substrate sizes and coating thickness, and are available in sizes from 26″ to 170″ on width. These high performance roll coaters fit many industries and applications, with several optional features for your specific operation.

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We’ve produced unique features and advantages to benefit owners of Black Bros. Coil Coating machinery.

See our ‘S’ Wrap Coaters, Horizontal and Vertical Coaters as well as innovative ‘Fast Change’ and ‘Shuttle Head’ Coaters. We also have a full line of Film to Coil Laminators.

Our newest line of coil coating machines can be implemented as Chemical Coaters or Prime Finish Coaters.

You can alter many of these models to become Shuttle Coaters, or include the innovative fast-change feature which will allow for instant color and paint system changes.



Black Bros. Co. machines are designed to allow for very flexible integrations of manufacturing steps required. We can create your customized system. Please contact Black Bros. at 815-539-7451 to discuss your specific need.




Black Bros. Co provides complete engineering services to satisfy design manufacturing and commissioning of customer driven requirements. We offer a wide range on sizes, applications, adhesives and substrates.





Black Bros. Co. offers a full line of laminating equipment including rotary pneumatic presses, hot roll laminators and air operated platen presses. These machines and processes are ideally matched to laminate an endless variety of substrates and overlays together for beauty, protection or engineering properties.

Black Bros. continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating, gluing and laminating equipment.  

We can help you choose laminating equipment that will keep you on track. From web to web, web to rigid, rigid to rigid or hot to cold, we offer a wide range of industrial roll coating and laminating equipment to fulfill your specific process.

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To fulfill your need for more automation to speed process times, Black Bros. offers you material handling options such as our Pneumatic Panel Feeder, Laminate Indexing Station, Scissors Lift and many more.

But to see how they all fit together, read this…

Global Custom Equipment and Engineering

Our machines are designed for very flexible integrations into your manufacturing. That’s because we specialize in creating customized systems that help you reach a high level of workflow.

To assist in that, Black Bros. provides complete engineering services to satisfy design manufacturing and commissioning your customer driven requirements. We also offer a wide range of sizes, applications, adhesives and substrates.

We truly hope that you can share their experience, which is why we invite you now to speak with our experts about your process and machine requirements.   

Remember that whatever you’re creating, Black Bros. helps you develop it all over the world.

We offer you a global partner with machine field service from five worldwide locations. When you need parts, we also have a wealth of options.

Just call us at 800-252-2568, and you’ll be linked to our historic Mendota, Illinois offices and lab for a full-on talk about how you can perform at your absolute best.