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Roll Reconditioning with Black Bros. Co.

Black Bros. Co. has been reconditioning rolls for over 90 years. We manufacture the entire roll – steel core, to rubber covering, to roll finish specifications. We will recondition your roll to ensure proper coating weights and eliminate costly coating waste. For maximum roll performance, we urge you to return your rolls to Black Bros. Co. periodically for reconditioning. Rolls will be reground or recovered, worn shafts and journals rebuilt, and end flanges replaced as necessary.

Worn Rolls Cause Coating Material Waste

The following are calculations of waste material based on normal production in a mid volume manufacturing environment:

  • • 1 gallon / day of PUR = $9,746 / year
  • • 1 gallon / day of LMC = 7,230 / year
  • • 1 gallons / day of PVA = $2,680 / year


Save Time and Money

The benefits of working with our customer service team to recondition your roll:

  • • Various rubber compounds available to meet coating and clean-up needs
  • • 500+ grind and groove specs available for precise application rate
  • • Full 24 step inspection of your roll for optimized performance
  • • Historic documentation of every roll
  • • Swift processing and expedited services offered
  • • Exchange roll program available

More info on roll recovering and regrinding here.