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Rubber Roller Repair, Recovering, and Regrinding

roll-coveringA Black Bros Co. machine is a superior machine made with quality components.  When it comes to servicing your machine, make sure that you use only OEM parts and manufacturer-certified service.

Black Bros Co.’s Roll Recovering and Regrinding Services are second to none in the industry.  No one knows your machine and its specifications like we do.  Let us show you how you can reap the benefits of working with the Customer Service Team at Black Bros.  Here are a few reasons to entrust the care of your machine to the experts:

Quality OEM Parts only
                No Generic Substitutes

Full 24 Step Inspection of Your Roll
                Optimized Performance

Historic Documentation of Every Roll
                Your Roll has a Name

Always Swift Processing of Your Rolls
                Expedite Services Offered

Black Bros Co. Roll Covering & Roll Grinding Services

As an OEM manufacturer, we take pride in bringing the best to your doorstep. Using Black Bros. for your roll reconditioning services will save you money by making the grinding of your rolls the primary goal before spending the extra money on roll covering.

A Black Bros. roll will typically yield 2-3 (or more) regrinds, before recovering is needed.

Every roll receives an inspection of the bearing journal surface, and rework if needed, to keep them running within factory tolerance.

Black Bros. keeps your machine at OEM standards by keeping a running history of all of the roll work that is done to each individual roll.


IMG_4381Proper alignment of your machine’s end seals to the roll flange make for a clean roll coating operation. However, improper alignment of the end seals to the roll flange can cause a loss of coating material due to leaking. If the end seals are worn or distorted, the flange worn or misaligned, or the rolls were improperly installed, you can end up losing coating material. Daily loss of coating material can result in annual losses that rival the cost of manpower, especially with multiple machines. Allow Black Bros. to help you maintain your rolls to their original specification. Black Bros. highly recommends you send in both coating and doctor rolls (the paired set) to have them machined to maintain exact roll face length.

Is a Coating Material Leak Costing You Money?

The following are calculations of waste material based on normal production in a mid to high volume manufacturing environment:

5 gallons / day of PUR = $48,730.00 / year

5 gallons / day of LMC = $36,150.00 / year

5 gallons / day of PVA = $13,400.00 / year


As a machinery manufacturer, Black Bros. knows the performance and function of your machine from the inside out. High quality standards are not optional at Black Bros.; it’s a way of life. The same care and exacting standards that go into each newly manufactured roll, also go into the reconditioning of that same roll. We build each roll with these high standards in mind, so that we can maintain that roll to the same level of quality over decades of use. Where does it all start? It starts with high quality goods; from raw steel to a finished roll. Black Bros. accurately assembles and machines each roll through a series of carefully automated operations. A typical roll will go through these standard processes:

Initial machining of raw, heavy walled steel pipe

Fitting and automated welding of end plug assemblies

Precision machining of roll body, flange, shaft & journals

Wrapping of roll core with rubber composite material(s)

Sequenced bake/cure in pressurized Autoclave furnace

Grinding & grooving of roll to customer specification

Black Bros. Co. is a vertically integrated manufacturing facility, providing in-house services for the complete process of roll machining and rubber vulcanization. All Black Bros. machines are maintained to operate at peak performance. So whether you’re buying a new machine, a new set of rolls, or using Black Bros for your roll reconditioning services, you are sure to save money, keep your machine at OEM standards, and have the assurance that you are getting the FULL VALUE out of a machine that is built to endure!


                Over 500 roll grooving patterns                                Precision ground chrome plating


                On a wide array of rubber compounds                High temperature silicone covering

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