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Black Bros. Rollcoaters

Selecting A Rollcoater

Black Bros. Co. machines are designed to allow for very flexible integrations of development. We can create your own personalized coater. Below are several options for Special Coaters available at Black Bros. Co. If you don’t see your specific need here, please contact Black Bros. at 815-539-7451.

Special Coaters:

Special Rollcoater Features

Model 300

Model 300The Black Brothers Model 300 Spreader/Coater incorporates the latest design improvements for operating convenience, compactness, and coating accuracy. Available in a wide range of sizes, the open-top frame design simplifies and speeds operating adjustments and roll changing. The upper roll assembly air-lift is standard. Options include oscillating doctor roll scraper, large diameter print or doctor roll, inboard drive, and many other features available on the 22-D.

Model 440

Model 440The Model 440 is a larger, heavier-duty version of the Model 300, incorporating many of the same features, such as the open-top frame design for fast roll changes. Larger diameter coating and doctor rolls, heavier outboard drives and bearings, and wider faced gears make it well suited for high-speed, multiple shift operations using wider materials, from 56″ to 158″ (1422 mm to 4013 mm).