Rotary Presses


Black Bros. rotary presses are ideal for large or small projects. Using rollers rather than platens gives you the utmost in quality for a continual lamination process. These machines are designed to create a lasting seal by bonding high-pressure plastics, papers, vinyls, veneers, metal skins, continuous films and fabrics, heat-reactive and pressure-sensitive films to substrates such as particleboard, plywood, rigid or flexible foam, woven or non-woven fabrics, honeycomb and any other porous or non-porous materials you may use in your manufacturing process.

This bonding process is completed through applying high pressure at varying rates of speed to ensure there are no bubbles, blisters, or wrinkles on the product surface. Our rotary laminating presses can easily meld paper onto cabinet and furniture sheet goods or bond HPL to particleboard and MDF to create a sleek finish with an incredibly efficient feed-through roll process. Our roll laminators are available in five standard model configurations that feature hot or cold rollers and can be modified with features to suit your specific application.

Check out our standard models below. Contact Us Today to learn how Black Bros. can customize your rotary laminating line into the most profitable and efficient process available.


Ideally designed for laminating HPL to particle board and/or MDF, the Panel Express offers an economical approach to “Fast Tack” laminating.  Utilizing high-solids PVA through a Black Bros. Roll Coater/Adhesive Spreader, a “Fast Tack” laminator can yield component or full-sheet parts ready to machine as soon as 20-minutes after leaving the press.

Due to the high-efficiency heaters in the Panel Express, PVA laminating can be expedited to allow for a true “One-Piece-Flow” system that is sure to maximize your efficiency and minimize your cost.

Heated Panel Express
RL-750 Rotary Laminator | Black Bros Co.


The most economical industrial roller press in the Black Bros. line of laminating presses, the RL-750, is a cold roll laminator with a high-output capacity. The RL-750 features a durable cold pinch roll system that is able to produce an incredibly efficient cold laminating process.

Should you require a cold process for “Fast Tack” laminating, PUR laminating, Epoxy laminating or PSA laminating, the RL-750 can handle it with ease.

This rotary press provides amazing accuracy, offering the ability to easily change thickness through a large hand wheel that is outfitted with a digital indicator. Plus, the RL’s air cylinders can deliver up to 2,000 pounds of downward force, giving you a smooth finish every time.

RPP-875 / RPP-C-1575

The RPP Series includes our most customizable rotary laminators, offering multiple options to ideally suit whatever project you are taking on. Designed to operate either “Hot or Cold”, the RPP Series features a pressure variance from 4,500 to 18,000 pounds of force, depending on your model and configuration.

The application abilities of this series of machines range from film to foam, film to film, film to sheet, and sheet to sheet with many other options in between. The possibilities are almost endless. One unique configuration of these machines can produce high volume engineered wood flooring, while another can seal a foil face to EPS foam.

Black Bros. can also provide several add-ons to this series, including unwind/rewind units, edge guide controls, edge slitting, end-to-end cutting, monitored pneumatic or electric braking, and easy-to-change air shafts for holding rolls of laminate/overlay/films.


The TB-60 Hot Roll Paper Laminator has earned the reputation as the top compact laminator on the market, and has helped make Black Bros. the industry leader in the continuous laminating of decorative surface products. This industrial solution makes it the perfect choice for bonding papers, vinyls, and other film laminates to particle board, plywood, and MDF substrates.

A TB-60 can be run with either pre-applied or in-line applied adhesives. With thick-walled, large diameter rollers, hydraulic pressure cylinders, and integral oil heater, the TB-60 makes any laminating job an easy task no matter the size of your shop. Allow Black Bros. to engineer a customized system for your TB-60 to suit your budget, floorspace specifics, and unique application requirements.

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