The Black Bros. “S” Wrap Coater will excel in your paint line, applying prime or finish coatings to a wide range of metals. This model can also be engineered to perform printing operations. Configured with two or three roll-coating heads and coupled with precision linear bearings for all roll movements, the ‘S’ Wrap Coater has the capability to produce the smoothest possible finish. Multiple shuttle heads, instant color change, and roll pressure controls are just a few of the optional features available. Black Bros. offers a 2 year warranty on all coil coating machinery.



1. Get a consistent coating weight over the whole length and width of the coil

2. Greater edge coating control

3. No streaks in the coating

4. Total control of the coating weight over many line speeds

5. A faster and more controlled engagement and disengagement process

6. Easier cleanup

7. Faster roll change. (And with our quick change feature — we’re faster than our competitors.)

8. Get rid of hazardous waste and sludge that is the byproduct of a spray system

9. Stop the health risk of airborne chrome

10. Quieter operation


Coil coating is an effective and powerful way to increase the life, beauty and use of a product. This process can be used when you’re creating a home appliance, trim for architecture, building material or a container (to name a few of many uses.)

While the coil is being manufactured, coil coating (or toll coating) is the process by which the manufacturer applies a chemical or paint, typically to steel or aluminum, which are created as large rolls of coil prior to final forming.

The coils are bathed through layers of different products using multiple rollers. This is best accomplished in coil coating machinery, such as Black Bros. Vertical Coil Coater. During the coating process, the coils are opened, cleaned and treated so they can best retain the application of a final chemical or paint finish.

First, the chemical cleaning treatment helps form a surface that allows the final chemical or paint finish to adhere to the surface of the coil. The next step is to apply primer in the Primer Coater, which is followed by a trip through an oven to dry the primer. The last layer is applied in the Finish Coater, which rolls the lasting paint or chemical sealant that will form on one or both sides of the coil. The last step is rerolling the coil, which is then distributed to be machined into various products, such as refrigerator’s, garage doors, appliances or furniture.

One great benefit of coating is that the coat lasts longer when applied in a controlled factory setting with a Vertical Coil Coater – onto the virgin coil – than when it is applied after the final product is manufactured, when it’s impossible to replicate the powerful steps in the coil coating process.

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