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For over 100 years Customer safety has been designed and built into all of our equipment. From the initial design review, to the in-house testing, to the after sales follow-up we are focused on providing our Customers with a safe and efficient product.

In order to provide your operators with visual reminders of safe operating practices, your machine is supplied with decals, signs and instructions. Should these become worn or unreadable, replacements are available at no charge.

Black Bros. Co. has designed and built your machine for many years of safe and efficient operation. Should you ever have any questions about the safe operation of your machine please contact our Customer Service Department by phone, fax or e-mail.

A “User Maintenance, Operating & Safety Manual” specific to your machine is developed and provided at no extra charge with the machine. This manual contains instructions to assist you in operating and maintaining the machine safely. Additional or replacement “Manuals” are available at a nominal fee.


Cleaning of your machine’s rolls and other adhesive containment components are critical to the accuracy and service life of your machine. Cleaning an adhesive spreader is very easy and good clean-up habits will ensure the safe performance of this important function.

Black Bros. offers detailed instruction in the operators’ manual, on-site instruction of operators, maintenance staff and supervisors, and a video to help you ensure that your employees are prepared to care for the machine. Black Bros. Co. also offers optional features which can partially automate the cleaning cycle of many of their adhesive spreaders and roll coaters.

To request a Black Bros. “Clean Up Principles DVD” please use this link to CONTACT US!
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Product Bulletins

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