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Streamline Your Laminating Process

How to Streamline Your Panel Laminating Process — A White Paper

Is your laminating process a bottleneck?
Or do you want to bring the laminating process in-house?


Automated, Versatile & More Efficient In-Line Laminating Process






It all starts with one operator pushing a button from outfeed side of Adhesive Spreader to feed a panel off of the scissors lift, which automatically indexes up ready for the next panel, thru the Panel Cleaner to remove any dust/debris, then thru the Glue Spreader to apply the precise amount of high solids PVA adhesive (aka Fast Tack Adhesive) to both sides at the same time, with sensors to automatically keep both reservoirs filled with adhesive. The glued panel is transferred into a Laminate Indexing Station by the “V” roll support system to the fingers on the trolley using a clamping device with minimal disturbance of the bottom glue line. The operator assists the trolley, which rides on linear bearings, to carry the leading edge of the glued board out over the backer or high pressure laminate (HPL) which was already placed on the powered belt conveyor. The “V” roll support with descending eye mechanism efficiently lowers the glued board to meet the bottom backer or laminate, then the fingers with clamping device on the trolley pivots down to place the glued board on top of the backer or laminate. The “V” roll support system is adjusted for width of the boards with a single hand wheel that includes an indicator in inches or mm. The operator pushes another button to drive the electrically powered laminate rack over to him so that he can place the top laminate on the glued board. The laminate rack pauses for a set time near the operator then automatically retracts out of the way. The Powered Driven Belt Conveyor, which is mounted on casters to ensure the board is always indexed to the operators side, has a variable speed drive to allow the operator to quickly move panels up to the Panel Express (heated rotary press), then match speeds as the panel moves through. The Panel Express has six heavy duty, large diameter silicone covered rolls to provide three positive nip points to wet out the glue line and keep the panel flat, while the four wide area radiant infra-red heaters with solid state relay controls provide the proper amount of heat to remove water from the adhesive and accelerate the bonding process. The outfeed scissors lift can manually or automatically descend as the operator makes sure the boards are lined up with all the edge guides. Another lay-up person or operator may be required for larger panel lay-ups such as 5’ x 12’.






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