BLACK BROS. Designs and builds CUSTOMIZED Lines to MATCH YOUR UNIQUE application.

Black Bros. offers automated cold press lines for bonding panels in a batch process. Cold pressing is the fastest method for laminating same-size sheets in a production setting. System throughput can be optimized to reach 2-3 sheets per minute. Contact your Black Bros. sales person to discuss your application.

A full line of film-to-coil laminators is available from Black Bros. Over 125 years of roll coating experience and technology development, combined with the best industry analysis, are producing unique new features and advantages to benefit owners of Black Bros. Coil Coating machinery. The complete array of machines available for this industry includes ‘S’ Wrap Coaters, Horizontal Coaters, and Vertical Coaters as well as innovative “Fast Change” and “Shuttle Head” Coaters.

All of the major door manufacturers in North America are using Black Bros. equipment for fabrication and assembly of their products. Black Bros. has been a supplier to the door industry for decades, providing stand-alone presses as well as complete pressing systems. The Air-Pod Press has proven to be a robust machine with very little maintenance required, allowing buyers to enjoy ROI for decades.

Today’s fast-paced marketplace is forcing manufacturers into providing “just-in-time” or “one-piece-flow” production lines. In order to deliver a wide variety of panel width, length, and thickness, many producers are choosing a high solids “fast-tack” laminating system — which allows for moving the finished product into production with no additional curing time. With a system like this you can deliver a wide range of component parts with a simple budget for machinery.

Black Bros. offers a high-quality machine for the application of coatings. Whether you’re applying a UV-cured, water-borne, or solvent-based product, the Black Bros. Differential Direct Roll Coater will give you the assurance of applying just the right amount of product to the surface. Applications vary from highly technical automotive finishes, to wood seal coats, and anything in between. When you need a machine to apply a precise coating, the Black Bros. DDRC is perfect for your application.

Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melts are taking the marketplace by storm due to their high green strength and water-proof glue line. PUR’s offer one of the widest ranges of products that they can bond together, unlike water-based adhesives which rely on at least one porous surface. Don’t let the idea of using a hot melt adhesive scare you. They are easy to apply, and cleanup is simple.

Web Laminating Systems are capable of laminating multiple webs of aluminum, adhesive films, and other various webs. Black Bros. incorporates auto-web guidance and web auto‐tensioning using PLC technology with all its Web Laminating Systems.

If you’re searching for a high-volume, low-cost line for paper laminating, look no more. The Black Bros. TB-60 sets the standard for in-plant laminating of sheet goods. If you want to control your production, and provide a high-quality, low-cost surface, put a TB-60 to work in your operation!

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