The Gold Standard: Visitors will find value in redesigned BBCO website

MENDOTA, IL — A faster, friendlier, and more engaging Black Bros. website is coming soon!

Here at Black Bros. we thrive off 140-years of tradition, but that’s not to say we aren’t also focused on modern-day necessities. We are! And the newly-designed will be all the proof you need.

With valued customers top of mind, the redesigned will feature:

• Faster website speed
• Full text translation for over 100 languages
• Reorganized “SYSTEMS/MACHINE” lists and easier overall navigation
• Homepage video player and video library access
• Interactive “SALES LOCATOR” and scroll-along “CONTACT US”

Another obvious change visitors will notice with the redesign is a new brand color repeating throughout. In the business world, gold symbolizes success and triumph. Black Bros. has enjoyed both, eventually earning its global reputation as the Gold Standard in industrial coating and laminating equipment.

We still make them like we used to: using OEM parts and only the best raw materials available. Similarly, our new will be like its predecessors with a detailed listing of our machines and systems, along with information about our full capabilities as a custom equipment manufacturer and access to our first-class customer service team.

The site will launch in the coming weeks and we encourage you to click on over and provide feedback as to how we can further assist you, our valued customers!

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