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Web Coating Equipment – Web Coaters

Web coating is the process of applying a coating to a continuous strip of material. Many products utilize Black Bros. Web Coaters and Laminators such as carpet, fabric and foam, packaging, extruded plastics, cork and paper. Coatings can range from adhesives to paint along with other liquid chemical treatments for specific industrial substrates. Size, speed, web path and tension control will all be engineered by Black Bros. for your specific application. Components of a web coating line may include unwinders, one or more coaters, hot or cold Roll Laminators and rewinds, as well as other processing equipment.

Web Coaters – Features

This may be only a two roll head, to coat one surface of material in web form, or may incorporate two sets of rolls to coat both top and bottom surfaces of the web. Usually web tension maintains the contact between the coating roll and the stock. These are generally Reverse Roll Coaters, but a Direct Roll Coating approach may also be used.

Selecting A Web Coater