Wood Industry Association… coming soon!

The proposed merger between WMMA (Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America) and WMIA (Wood Machinery Industry Association) has been voted upon and passed by memberships of both associations. WMMA President Allen Eden announced the news in a statement late last week. The new group will be named the Wood Industry Association (WIA) effective Jan. 1, 2024.

The WIA Board of Directors will be meeting in Austin, TX this week to discuss programming, events, committees, logos, branding, and budget for 2024. WIA will now have sole ownership over the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, GA. More information is expected in the coming weeks.

Black Bros. — a family-owned machinery manufacturer established in 1882 — is a longstanding and active member of the WMMA. Its affiliation with the association includes a past president and several other board and committee members. Currently, Director of Sales Todd Phalen serves as Vice President.

“(The merger) has been a long time coming,” said Phalen. “We’re are excited to be at this point and expect it to have a positive effect for our membership and the entire wood industry. We look forward to hosting the Wood Industry Conference (WIC) under one association.”

The other possible benefits include:

  • One unified voice for the wood machinery industry in North America
  • More resources to invest in membership programs, safety standards, and public policy
  • Expanded committee and volunteer opportunities
  • Greater efficiency through streamlined operations and fewer redundancies

The WMMA’s inaugural meeting was held Dec. 6, 1899. Since then, the association has worked to increase the productivity and profitability of U.S. woodworking machinery and woodworking tools manufacturers and the businesses that support them. WMMA has dedicated itself to the advancement of the U.S. woodworking industry though educational training, research, support of trade shows, and other diverse member programs and services.

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