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Finishing Systems

These machines leave your products looking how you love. Our machines apply base coats, stains, fillers, sealers, varnishes and top coats, to name just a handful. We Wood Laminate Finishing System | Black Bros. care about every step of machining here at Black Bros., but it’s the creation of the final product that will make you and your customers proud.

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Our wood laminate finishing systems can apply UV cured, waterborne or solvent-based products. We do this with our state of the art Differential Direct Roll Coater.

Differential Direct Roll Coater

This machine will give you the assurance of applying just the right amount of product on every cycle. It has broad applications, which vary from extremely technical automotive finishes to wood seal coats.

The DDRC is the main element in our wood laminate finishing system.

It’s a versatile machine that has variable speeds for the coating roll, direct or reverse rotating doctor roll and the conveyor belt. That allows you to use it in variety of ways: by directly coating the top or bottom, or both.

You can also reverse the top coating.

All of these roll formations allows you to manage the exact amount of laminate that is placed onto your product, and to work with any material you have.

Vertical Coil Coater

This machine is designed to give you the most power in the smallest space. It’s perfect to add to the line you already have; apply calibrated coating of pre-paint chemicals, phosphate, Wood Laminate Finishing System | Black Bros.chromatic and acrylic anti-fingerprint treatment.

Its steel frame is 3” thick and offers you shuttle head movements for fast changes between rolls.

Its power supply is hydraulic with perfect roll bearings, forward and reverse drive that give you multiple levels of coating depth.

Program it for for high speed work and get more out of your production line.

Modular Design

Our finishing systems are designed to fit your working space. If you’ve never before worked with a wood laminate finishing system, rest assured that our machines aren’t just the most trustworthy, tried and tested you’ll find – they’re designed with you in mind.

We’ve created a modular workflow, allowing you to take on a Black Bros. machine and expand over time. This saves you money and effort in the long run.

It also lets you grow in the way you’re most comfortable – an important consideration we have for you that is overlooked by other roll machine makers.

Transfer Carts

These carts help easily transport your products from the scissors lift to your press. Strong casters bring the cart wherever you need it from an operator’s side standing position.

The most innovative feature…

Holes between the rollers that allow the tines of a fork-lift to reach under the stack without first removing it from the cart.

Custom Shop Design

Our modular designs are made to order. That’s because we can mix and match your panel feeders, scissor lifts, cleaners, adhesive spreaders, laminate indexing stations and transfer carts and of course – our trademark laminating machines.

But there’s only one way to do it right…

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