Coil Coaters turn 20 as NCCA meeting approaches

MENDOTA, IL — The upcoming Fall Technical Meeting and Conference marks a special anniversary for Black Bros. Co. and its partnership with the National Coil Coating Association.

      Nearly 20 years ago, the company embarked on an innovative strategy to design, manufacture, and market a new line of high-quality machinery specific to the coil coating industry. It wasn’t exactly a leap of faith for the century-old leading designer and manufacturer of roll coating equipment already revered by numerous other industries. But, as with any new project, time would tell the tale.

      Since 2003, Black Bros. has successfully integrated its Horizontal Coil Coater, Vertical Coil Coater, and S-Wrap Coil Coater into steel and aluminum processing lines worldwide. Today, these precision machines continue to be a premier option for any metal coil paint line and are custom-engineered to apply exact amounts of prime and finish coatings, pre-paint chemicals, phosphate, chromate, and more.  

      “Roll coaters are our bread and butter and have been for a long time. So, I think it was just a perfect fit for us as the coil coating industry began to move away from the old dipping and spraying applications,” said Director of Sales Todd Phalen, who has 23-years with the company. “Black Bros. roll coaters provide more consistent and precise coating weights, are faster to switch colors on, and easier to clean. They’re also less hazardous to one’s health and better for the environment.”  

      Next month, Black Bros. will again be sponsoring and exhibiting at the NCCA Fall Technical Meeting, which also includes additional networking opportunities, speakers, and educational seminars.

Coil coating is the continuous and highly-automated industrial process for efficiently painting large coils of metal before final fabrication. The typical coil coating line is composed of a decoiler, inlet looper, cleaning, chemical pretreatment, primer coat, curing, finish coat, curing, outlet looper, and recoiler. The result is a uniform, high-quality finish. It is estimated that over 80 percent of metal is painted by coil coating.      

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