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Startup Assistance / Operator Training

Each new machine purchase includes complete equipment maintenance, repair, operating, servicing and safety instruction manuals. In addition, we offer start-up assistance and operator training programs that may be purchased. We also offer an additional curriculum of seminars and workshops- either on-site or at our facilities – to customer supervisors, operators, and maintenance personnel. Proper training maximizes your production, quality, safe operation and profit. Let our experts train your operators, service staff, and supervisors on the most efficient, cost-effective and safe operation and maintenance methods to maximize production and quality, foster safe work habits, reduce maintenance costs, increase roller life, and speed clean-up. Please contact Black Bros. to plan your training session.

To request a Black Bros. “Clean Up Principles DVD” please use this link to CONTACT US!
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Also, contact your Black Bros. Customer Service Representative to discuss care and maintenance of your rolls. Black Bros. offers a complete Roll Reconditioning service that will keep your rolls lasting longer, and performing more efficiently over time. Whether you need a simple regrind of your rolls, or a complete recovering and regrooving, Black Bros. will provide a 24 point inspection of each roll and perform the necessary services to keep your roll working at its optimum. Call today to find out more, or follow this link to download a roll packet – ROLL RECONDITIONING

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