Black Bros. will be at IWF 2016 in Atlanta, GA

iwf logo 2016The International Woodworking Fair is the largest North American Woodworking Show and is just around the corner. Black Bros. Co. is planning on attending once again. For decades Black Bros. has been exhibiting at IWF, showing the latest in laminating and roll coating equipment. This year they will be showing the latest from their line of flat and 3D laminating machinery.

We will have a wet running line of laminating equipment with fast setting PVA adhesive.

First will be our recently re-designed  PC-495 Panel Cleaner with power driven infeed & outfeed pinch rollers and counter rotating brushes to thoroughly clean boards.

Next will be our  775 Adhesive Spreader with single hand wheel doctor roll take-ups to apply the precise amount of adhesive recommended by the glue supplier to both sides of the board at the same time (Demonstration at IWF will be single sided only).

Then Black Bros Panel Express Plus will demonstrate that with three sets of pinch rollers, four banks of IR heaters and multiple passes that the lamination bond will be strong enough in 30 minutes or less to send the panel to saw cutting or routing without disturbing the glue line bond.

We will also have on static display our TB-60 Rotary Laminator with self-contained oil heater and hydraulic unit to laminate decorative paper to both sides of particleboard and MDF at speeds of up to 100 FPM.

The Rapha RBM-1500 buffing system will be demonstrated showing how it easily removes the over-sprayed adhesive from the backs of cabinet doors with paper after membrane pressing 3-D film to the front side.

Photo 1We will also have on display Rapha’s trimming knives, membranes and pin systems.

The show, being held at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, USA, will run from Wednesday, August 24th, through Saturday the 27th. Stop by booth 5412, the same area we occupied in 2014, and see how Black Bros. can help you with your woodworking needs!

For a map of the event, click here!
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